Chanel S. Jordan
19 Years Old

January 25, 1986 to December 25, 2005

Who was Chanel Jordan? A mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a great granddaughter, a sister and a great friend to many! God must have needed his Angel, and we praise him for the 19 years he allowed us to have her!

As a baby Chanel was our Nelly Poo! Chanel was born 11 months after her older brother because I wanted a little girl! She was my only little girl. Chanel had a smile that would brighten anyone’s day. She was a kind hearted and very giving individual that loved life! She was very funny and used her humor to keep us all upbeat! She loved life so much she honored us with the birth of her own little girl, Irryana. Chanel was 19 when she lost her life and Irryana was only 1 1/2. Irryana will never know the warmth and love her mommy brought to this world, she will only learn of her beauty through pictures and friends and family.
Growing up, Chanel began to work at age 14. She worked at Kroger, then McDonalds and Gold Star Chili to name a few. Chanel participated in cheerleading and Jazz Dance. Her dream was to become a Pediatrician, she loved children; one of the reasons she was an organ donor, wanting to always help someone else! Chanel graduated from high school in 2004. Prior to graduating she was an inspiring model and traveled to Chicago for competition. When she found out she was pregnant she put her dreams on hold to prepare to become a wonderful mother. She was an AMAZING MOTHER! She was working at UPS at the time of her death. Chanel was my only daughter and she had two brothers, two half sisters and one half brother. She was blessed to have great grandparents and grandparents still alive and loved them all very deeply. Chanel was the kind of person you could ask for anything and she would be the first to help. She saw the good in everyone. One of her favorite things was food, she loved to eat; Chicken wings were a favorite! She also liked Winnie the Poo and Tweety Bird and 101 Dalmatians was her all time favorite movie. I cannot say enough about Chanel but I know her spirit and life will continue through her daughter, Irryana.


On December 24, 2005 I received a call from a friend of Chanel’s advising she had been shot. Chanel was chaperoning her younger brother and two girls to a holiday dance at the time she was shot. After the party Chanel had her brother wait at the car as she went to find the two girls she brought to the party. She walked down the street and at this time, due to numerous shootings at this party, the police pushed everyone down the street. She found the two girls and at that time a fight broke out and a gun was pulled and she was shot in the back of her head. She was taken to the local hospital where she continued living until Dec. 25th, at 8:05 a.m. Upon arriving to the hospital on Dec. 24th the doctors advised that Chanel would not survive because the bullet was lodged in the brain; she was not responsive and was placed on a machine. On September 17th, 2007 we began trial for the murder of Chanel. On September 25th, the person accused of this crime was set free. She too will be an unsolved murder to many, but a life lost too early to us!

Chanel Jordan


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Chanel Jordan