Chance Allen Caffery
23 Years Old

December 21, 1982 to February 18, 2006

My son Chance Allen Caffery has 2 sisters Kricket Ann & Bambi Rae Caffery.
He survived his birth coming two weeks early, my son.
I didn’t know God had only loaned him to me.
He survived an awful fall down some stairs with glass cutting his mouth, my son.
I knew God had protected him.
He survived a quiet fall into a pool, my son.
I know God had given a gift to him.
He survived a dog attack that no child should have survived but he did, my son.
I knew God gave the doctors a steady hand.
He was a forgiving person, ….
He now is survived by two little boys, his sons Chance Jr. & Gavin.
(You see Chance was shot at Gavin’s 1st birthday party before he got to have his party.
There was an ice cream cake melting as his Daddy lay dying and gifts wrapped only to be unwrapped at his Daddy’s funeral.)
He grew into a very tall handsome blue eyed young man.
He was a very proud man excelling in sports, his given gift being swimming.
He loved animals and of all kinds, squirrels, and even dogs.
I never knew the day my loan was over it would be so hard to let him go.


The man who murdered my son, Glenford C. Hull, was sentenced to 2nd degree murder, having served 2 1/2 years so far.
He was a 1st time offender, and is still in prison,. His daughter stood by his side as he shot my son so we pray for her well being as well.
The final fact was the noise from the party bothered him and he “snapped.”
Forgiveness I gave, even though the grief hurts just as bad.
If my son were to call me today he would say Mom I love you, and thanks!
In loving memory of my son Chance Allen Caffery.
Gary & Tina Cuevas (Mom) & Family

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Chance Allen Caffery