Brishell Tashe’ Jones
16Years Old

December 23, 1993 to March 30, 2010

Brishell Tashe’ Jones was born on December 23, 1993, in Washington, DC, an early Christmas gift to Nardyne Jefferies and Lennox “LJ” Jones. On March 30, 2010, in southeast Washington, DC, four demented gunmen fired into a crowd of innocent young people. When the smoke cleared, there were four dead, five wounded and countless traumatized as what is now called the Southeast Massacre. “Bri” was shot in the head with an AK-47 and died instantly. She was the youngest, age 16, and the only girl to die in the massacre. The victims were truly innocent by-standers as none of them knew the gunmen. Upon arrest, one of the gunmen confessed that they just wanted to kill as many as they could that night.

Bri had the most infectious smile. She was a loving, considerate, witty, smart and respectful child who was a joy to her family and friends. During her last school year, Bri was home schooled, excelling in all areas of study, and was on track to complete her high school studies almost a year early. Passionate about cooking and creating new recipes and dishes, Bri had already been accepted into Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program where she planned to pursue her dream of becoming a chef.

In life, Bri held our family together. In death, she is still holding the family together as we advocate to make changes in the juvenile justice system, tougher penalties for repeat offenders, and stricter gun law.

“GOD has Brishell in His House. We have her in our Hearts”


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