Brandon Michael Stock
26 Years Old

January 25, 1982 to December 16, 2008


Brandon Stock was an amazing person. He lived his life to the fullest. He was a son, brother, cousin, nephew and grandson. Brandon never saw bad in anyone and was a friend you could trust. Brandon enjoyed hunting and fishing with his father, Charlie, and brother, Jason, and golfing with his friends. Brandon was there to help anyone in need without giving it a second thought. Brandon’s cousins’ daughter, Chanel Rose, 3 yrs. old, was Brandon’s little buddy. He loved her so much and now she doesn’t understand where he is. When Brandon was taken from us our lives were changed forever. The pain will never go away and Brandon is in our thoughts every second. He will forever be loved and missed.


On December 16, 2008, Brandon had supper with his family and left to go to a friend’s house. No one knew it was the last time they would see him alive. Brandon’s family became concerned when no one could locate or reach him by phone so they reported him missing. Five days later, Brandon’s body was found in his friend’s backyard. Brandon had been beaten to death with a ball bat and his body covered with bags of trash. Brandon died from blunt force trauma with multiple skull fractures, all inflicted by a so called friend. Curtis McGaha was found guilty of murder and received 60 years. Curtis is serving his time at Wabash Valley Correctional Center, has filed an appeal and possibly could be out in 20 years. WHERE IS JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS?

Cindy Schlottman (Brandon’s mom)

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Brandon Michael Stock