Anthony Isaiah Prudhomme
21 Years Old

November 27, 1978 to November 3, 2000

Anthony continuously believed in peace and love. He never doubted these words, they kept him going. He made sure whoever met him learned what love and peace was. He would suffer if any of his friends suffered. He would make their problems his. This shows what a pure and good heart he possessed.

Anthony was always taken care of. God always watched over him and made sure his desires were fulfilled. He always told others not to worry. He wanted to live life and have fun instead of worry. He never wanted to restrict himself of anything that would make him happy, and enable him to learn.

Anthony had a love of learning. He knew it would always aid him in life and shape him into a stronger man. He had such logic and wisdom. His last name fits the part, Prudhomme, in French means wise man. Towards the end of his life, the word wise best described Anthony.

Anthony was taking classes at Glendale City College and had just graduated from Los Angeles Recording Workshop to become a music recording engineer and producer. He was also working at Pier One and had just gotten a second job at The Wherehouse Music Store (which by the way was robbed at gun point the Friday before Christmas 2000).

This world is unfortunately a very violent place, but Anthony always believed in Peace, and truly lived by peace and love.


Anthony Isaiah Prudhomme was murdered in Los Angeles (Highland Park), California.

On November 3, 2000, in the early morning hours around 2 a.m., Anthony was shot and killed in his bed at his apartment. This home invasion robbery was believed to be two armed gun men.

Anthony had just moved out two months prior, and was so happy to be independent, he was just blossoming into the man we cherished him to be.

The driver and accomplice in the case was found guilty for the murders of Anthony and another individual, Chris Bowser (who was shot December 11, 2000). The accomplice was sentenced to Life without Parole in State Prison. He was also sentenced to Federal Prison after he was found guilty along with 3 other Avenues gang members in a landmark Federal hate crime case, a conspiracy against African Americans.

The actual shooter in this case has yet to be arrested and charged.

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Anthony Prudhomme