Alan W. Thielmier
18 Years Old

July 8, 1986 to May 23, 2005

Alan was 18 years old when he was murdered. He is survived by his parents, Gary and Bonnie, his older brother John, and Christy, John’s wife. Alan had just completed his first year of college pursuing his interest in Sports Medicine. He had a special interest in physical training and nutrition. He was an avid tennis player, loved working out at the gym, listening to music, and spending time at the beach.  Life to him was an adventure of the mind and body. Alan was blessed with many friends. He never met a stranger until the night he was killed. His friends describe him as someone who thought only of others while expecting nothing in return. The value he placed on his friendships was very important to him.  Alan often displayed strength under pressure and revealed his vulnerability at the risk of being hurt. These are the characteristics that made him “Alan”. To his parents, he was our light in a lighthouse beaming rays of light out showing us a life of purpose and passion.  We loved watching him go through life, laughing and sometimes crying, often full of doubts, but very proud of the young man he became. We will miss his boyish charm and bright-eyed smile and the way he could light up a room just by walking in. We love him immensely and will always keep his memory embraced in our hearts.


Alan was driving his car with his girlfriend Julie on their way to a friends house at 10:55 p.m., May 21, 2005. While driving down the street, Alan passed a parked car on the side of the road with all 4 doors opened. When he stopped at the stop sign there was a young man approx. 27 years old wearing a “do” rag on his head asking for directions.  When Alan rolled his window half-way down the man pulled out a gun from behind and shot Alan in the head.  The assailant did not see Alan’s friend, Julie, in the passenger seat until Alan pressed on the accelerator to speed away. His last words to Julie were, “It’s going to be okay.” A neighbor was out walking his dog and witnessed the sound of the gun and Alan speeding into a brick mail box and landing in his neighbor’s yard. Alan was airlifted to the nearest hospital.

A young black man, Benjamin Wright, 28 years old, was arrested when someone said he fit the description of the assailant. He spent 20 months in the Harris Cty. jail then was released when several cell phone records were retrieved finding him innocent. The Harris Cty. Sheriff’s office refused to pursue anything further stating that the Districts Attorneys office let a guilty man free. 

A private investigator uncovered a photograph taken from a Walmart. A credit card was stolen from the owners of the parked car and used at this Walmart.  Alan’s case is still “COLD”.


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Alan Thielmier