18 Years Old

September 14, 1990 to April 3, 2009

Jeremiah Cole Bradshaw loved life. He loved spending time with his family and friends. I (momma) could make a phone call and find JB (as he was known to many) at one of his friends helping them tinker on something. He was always on the go. He enjoyed spending time at granny and poppas or up at his uncles. Jeremiah was 18 years old when he was taken from us and would have graduated in 26 days. The goal of myself and teachers, to get Jeremiah graduated. His plans were to join the Marines. The military had always been in his blood and between that and engines, he felt very sure of his future. Engines, he loved his trucks. Just completing the work on “Ole Bo,” that truck drove like a dream. Smooth was the first thing I said to myself when I drove it, of course it was loud and boy would it run. Jeremiah liked to make a statement. To let people know he was coming around. He also loved to go riding around in his or someone else’s truck and have some good old music on. Jeremiah loved to hunt, fish and ride 4-wheelers. He was recovering from a 4-wheeler accident he had on August 24, 2008 with multiple facial injuries in which he received reconstructive surgery the week of his death. He looked beautiful. The surgeon at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock did a wonderful job. Jeremiah had begun to look at life in a new way. We knew that God chose to leave him here on this earth at that time for a reason, we just didn’t know why. He is survived by his parents Carl and Victoria, Shane of the home and Ryan of Plumerville, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and many friends who loved him very much. Jeremiah was a very picky eater. He loved pizza, especially pepperoni pizza. Another favorite meal was hot dogs with mustard and dill pickles. He liked his chocolate milk, bacon and numerous other little tidbits. Jeremiah has beautiful blue eyes and a smile that made you want to hug him or wonder what that boy was up to. In any case, we all loved that boy. The loss of Jeremiah has broken our hearts and has left a void that can never be replaced.


The case of Jeremiah Cole Bradshaw is still unsolved in the manner that the shooter, James Acton has been charged with manslaughter but been out on bail for the past 5 months. He served 3 days at the most in jail before bond was set (out before Jeremiah was buried) and has been living a normal life. He has gotten a new motorcycle, goes by my home, hangs out with his friends, etc. I’m told that he has showed no guilt or remorse since the shooting. He does have a history of pointing a gun at people as if it is a toy. In Jeremiah’s case, he took the gun while sitting in his truck in a Wal-mart parking lot, pointed it at Jeremiah and pulled the trigger several times until it fired the fatal shot. James is 24, Jeremiah was 18. James said it was a game he and Jeremiah and others have done in the past. I have never known my son to let anyone point a gun at him anytime in his life under any circumstances. We have always taught him that any gun is considered a weapon, loaded and unloaded. He treated them as such at home. Jeremiah was standing several feet from James’ truck when he was shot on 4/3/09. The place was Morrilton, Arkansas.

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Jeremiah Bradshaw