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Murder Wall...Honoring Their MemoriesSM

The Murder Wall was created in 1987 by Nancy Ruhe-Munch, Executive Director of the National Organization, and designed by Ann Reed, a parent/survivor and member of POMC. Originally known as the Memorial Wall, the named was changed to the Murder Wall...Honoring Their Memories in 1995.

The Murder Wall...Honoring Their Memories is a traveling tribute honoring the memory of all murdered loved ones. The growing Wall carries the names of murder victims on engraved, solid walnut plaques. Each plaque contains 120 names, dates of birth and dates of death. Approximately 250 names are added each year. If you are interested in purchasing a Inscribed Plate for a loved one, please click here to print out the Murder Wall Inscribed Plate Order Form. The cost to have a loved one's name inscribed on a Inscribed Plate on the Murder Wall is $75.00.

We always know the name of the offender, but we seldom ever see or know the name of the victim. The Murder Wall is a strong and loving reminder, not only of my husband Monte, but of all those who die by violence in our country." - Sharon Tewksbury, West Chester, Ohio

Memorial booklets are compiled to accompany each panel of the Murder Wall. The booklets contain the stories and/or photos of those who are memorialized on the Murder Wall.

Each person is allotted one (1) page, front and back (per loved one). A photo may also be included, but it is limited to wallet size only. We will not be able to return photographs.

If you would like the story and/or photo of your loved one included in the Memorial booklets and on the POMC website, please fill out the Memorial Book Page Form and return it to National POMC, 4960 Ridge Avenue., Suite # 2, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45209. For an Example of a Memorial Book page Click Here

The cost is $20.00 for one page, front and back without photo, or $30.00 if you wish to have a photo included. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. POMC will edit information as needed. A copy of the completed page will be sent to you.

Please allow up to six months to process.

If you would like to order a photo of the individual panel that your loved one’s name was added, fill out the Murder Wall Panel Photo Form.

If you would like to order a Personalized Individual Wall Picture in which a photograph of your loved one will be professionally superimposed on a Murder Wall panel fill out Personalized Individual Wall Picture Form.

* If you do not know which panel your loved one is on, please click the SEARCH LIST and search by using an alphabetical listing by last name or call the National Office at 513-721-5683

Murder Wall Panels
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