Maine Chapter
Parents Of Murdered Children
For the families and friends of those who have died by violence
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If you have lost a loved one to murder and would like to talk to us, or if you simply have a question or comment, please feel free to use the form below to contact the Maine Chapter of Parents Of Murdered Children.

Chapter Email:

Chapter Leader
Arthur Jette - 207-277-3518 (Home)
207-270-2999 (Cell)

Deborah Cunningham- 207-277-3518 (home)
207-270-0402 (Cell)

Diane Gagnon - 207-623-8642

Newsletter Editors
Mary Farrar, Deb Cunningham

Board of Directors
Jim Gagnon- 3 Year- 2017

Deborah Cunningham- 3 Year-2017
207-277-3518 (home)
207-270-0402 (cell)
Vickie Dill- 1 year- 2015
Debra Crosman (2016)
Mary Farrar (2016)
207-643-2333 (home)
207-441-1417 (cell)

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