Maine Chapter
Parents Of Murdered Children
For the families and friends of those who have died by violence
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Parents Of Murdered Children (POMC)® is the only national helping organization which is specifically for the survivors of homicide victims and which follows up with supportive family services after the murder of a family member or friend.

The Maine Chapter of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. holds monthly meetings, provides a telephone network of support, supplies information about the grief process, organizes a speakers bureau and provides accompaniment for survivors who must attend court proceedings. Our Chapter also publishes a monthly Newsletter.

Winner of the 2000 Dorothy Lobes Award
DOR 2017

Please click to download and read the following document by Arthur Jette:
2017 Maine National Day of Remembrance For Murder Victims


Forever, The Wind Beneath Our Wings
by Mary Elledge

The eagle flies as we look into the sky above,
We know now that nothing could take away our love.

Mother earth has sent us many signs,
They have helped heal our grieving minds.

We have shared our pain together,
And have faced stormy weather.

We have seen an eagle fly,
In our hearts, love does not die.

They will never be forgot,
Memories help make up for what is not.

We will call upon special times we shared,
This will help take away the pain we bared.

In time, the sun will warm our grieving heart,
The bond we shared can never be taken apart.

We know now that we can accomplish many things,
Because our loved ones are "The wind beneath our wings".