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Contact Information:

Phone: (513) 721-5683
Fax: (513) 345-4489
Toll Free: (888) 818-7662
E-mail: natlpomc@pomc.org




POMC® will seek out other experts, i.e. fire, ballistics, fingerprinting, etc. as the need arises. If you have expertise in an area that may benefit our survivors and are willing to volunteer your time, please contact our National Office at natlpomc@pomc.org.

Dr. Harry Bonnell
Forensic Pathologist/
Medical Examiner

Can answer such questions as:
Medical Terminology, Autopsy reports, Procedural questions, Blood splatter, Forensic Science, etc.

Ken Czillinger
Bereavement, Faith and Spirituality

Terrie Jacoby
Victim Advocate

Dr. Greg Fuller
Medical Director
Can answer such questions as:
How Did My Loved One Suffer? Trauma, Terminology, Emergency procedures, etc.

Brandon Baum
Attorney and former prosecuter

Bill Jensen
Can answer such questions as:
How to keep your case in the media spotlight? How to get your loved one's story told? How to get a retraction? etc.

Det. Charles "Chic" Horney
Can answer questions pertaining to:
Fire origin and cause, post blast explosion, crime scene evidence and processing, motives of suspects, and interview and interrogation questions.

Elizabeth Murray, Ph.D.
Forensic Anthropology Consultant
Can answer such questions as:
Role of Anthropologist in identification, Terminology, Procedural questions, Skeletal remains and identification, etc.

Joel Price
Homicide Detective, Retired
Can answer such questions as:
Investigative end of a homicide, How and why the police do what they do, what significance certain evidence items may have, etc.

Robert Ruehlman
Can answer such questions as:
Criminal procedures, Court procedures, Prosecution, Case Law, Terminology, etc.

Steve Twist
Chief Counsel
for National Victims Constitutional Amendment Network
Can answer questions pertaining to:
The Crime Victims Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, How to enforce current victims rights laws.

Dean Wideman, M.Sc.
Forensic Scientist/
Criminal Profiler

Can answer such questions as:
How do you profile a murderer? Forensic Science, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Violent and Sexual Crime Investigation, Behavioral Criminal Profiling, etc.

Brian Zubel
Training Attorney for The Prosecuting Attorney's Coordinating Council
Can answer such questions as:
Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and Trial Strategy.



Ask The ExpertsSM

POMC has found that too often, survivors of homicide victims are left with unanswered questions.

Please feel free to ask our experts any general (non-case specific*) question(s). Please allow at least two weeks for a response. To send your question, simply click on the expert's name on the left that can best answer your question. If you have a question that does not fall within any of the expertise listed or if you are not sure, click here.

All questions and answers will be posted on this website indefinitely. Your name will be kept confidential.

*For case specific questions, please see our section about Second Opinion Services SM within this website, or contact our National Office at natlpomc@pomc.org, or by calling toll-free at 1.888.818.POMC.

Click on the Expert's name below to read questions submitted to him/her, and the answers.

Brandon Baum (Attorney and former Prosecuter)

Dr. Harry Bonnell (Forensic Pathologist)

Ken Czillinger (Bereavement Specialist)

Dr. Greg Fuller (Medical Director)

Terrie Jacoby (Victim Advocate)

Bill Jensen (Newspaper editor)

Charles "Chic" Horney (Crime Scene Investigator/Detective)

Elizabeth Murray, Ph.D. (Forensic Anthropologist)

Joel Price (Homicide Detective)

Robert Ruehlman (Judge)

Ron Troyer (Funeral Director)

Steve Twist (Crime Victim Rights)

Dean Wideman (Forensic Scientist and Criminal Profiler)

Brian Zubel (Legal)

The generalized information in this webpage group is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on without the advice of a licensed professional. Communications from the experts listed in this webpage group are not intended to create an attornery-client, psychologist-patient, or any other professional relationship.


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