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Tragically, each year an estimated 14,249 persons are murdered nationwide, a murder every 36.9 minutes. The mission of the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC) is to make a difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness.  POMC’s vision is to provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while working to create a world free of murder.
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September 25th is the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. This commemorative day was established as a National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims as a result of unanimously passed resolutions by the U.S. Senate on October 16, 2007 (S. Res. 326) and the U.S. House of Representatives on May 14, 2007 (H. Res. 223).

POMC believes that honoring the memory of victims who have been killed by violence and acknowledging the resulting long-term trauma for families, communities, and the Nation, is an important way of promoting public awareness of the impact of violent crime and remembering our loved ones.  POMC Chapters and other organizations will be holding events around the Nation to commemorate the Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

September 25th is significant because on that date in 1978, nineteen year old Lisa Hullinger was murdered while studying in Germany.  Lisa’s parents, Robert and Charlotte Hullinger, founded Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC).   POMC provides nationwide assistance to anyone who has lost a loved one to murder and has over 60 chapters and 100 contact people throughout the United States.  
On September 25th please take time to remember those who have died by violence in America on our National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

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"So long as we live, they too shall live and love for they are a part of us as we remember them."
- Gates of Prayer

We Are The Survivors

There are those of us whose mothers have been taken from our arms,
There are those of us with children we could not keep safe from harm.
There are those of us who've lived to see our fathers lose their lives,
and in our dreams we'll keep them all alive,
cause each and every one of us survives.

We are the survivors, left behind to carry on.
We are the survivors, joined together we are strong.
We will speak out for our loved ones who were not given a choice.
We are the survivors, hear our voice.

Maybe some of us have brothers who were here, but now they're gone,
You can ask about our sisters, because their memory is strong.
We are sons and we are daughters, we are husbands, we are wives,
and friends who try to keep their dreams alive,
And each and every one of us survives.

Repeat Chorus:

With a part of us that never heals, and a fear of the unknown,
There's a strength in knowing through it all, you're not alone.
We are the survivors, hear our voice.

Dedicated to all homicide victims & their surviving families & friends

Darlene Rae Aaron
Howard ‘Butch’ Abbott (38)
Jason L. Abbott (17)
Khadijah Abdul-Musawir
Wahid Abdullah
Hunter Christopher Abed
Bert Abel M.D.
Michael Paul Abell
Christopher Sean Abercrombie
William 'Tito' Abeytia
Jason Abram (26)
Billy Ace (17)
Jorge Luis Acevedo, Jr.
Capt. Thomas L. Acker (45)
Harlan Jay Ackerman
Christopher Acosta (21)
Bertha Acuna (45)
Andre Adams
Debra Sue Adams
Jarell Lamont Adams
K. Renee Adams
Keith Adams
Michael Van Rader Adams
Michael W. Adams
Peter 'Grant' Adams
Robin Michelle Van Rader Adams
Charles Adamson Jr.
Antuan Maurice Addison
Rebecca Sue Adelman
Elaine Adelsberger (61)
Will Adelsberger (57)
LaVonne D. Adkins
Anthony Patrick Agazio
Richard Keith Agee
Antonette Aguilar (21)
Diego Enrique McConnell Aguilar
Jesse Lyal Aguilar
Joseph Anthony Aguilera
Janice Baccelliere Aichele
Raymond Michael Aker
Beth Ann Akers
Brian Paul Akers (20)
Morris Albany (26)
Kimberly Anne Albers
Ashley Nicole Alberts (newborn)
Christina Renee Alberts (20)
William Alberts (25)
Ilona Albino-Pagan
Nina Marie Albright (23)
Michelle Aldana
Glenn Aldrich (38)
David Alejandro
Raul "Rudy" Alejos III (5)
Elward J. Alexander III
Marianne Elizabeth Alexander
Thomas Alexander
Roxyann Warren Allee
Alonzo Lamont Allen
Angel Marie Allen
Caryl Jean Allen (57)
Fulton Vincent Allen
Maurice Jamar Allen
Richard Wayne Allen
Robert H. Allen 'Bobby' (28)
Shawn David Allen
Michael ‘Cory’ Allendorf (30)
Gary Lynn Allison
Steven Anthony Allison
Bryan Nicholas Allred (18)
Kerrie Lee Almond (18)
Mark Robert Alore
Eric J. Alsheimer (22)
Jennifer Lynn Altemeier
Omar P. Alvarado
Ruben 'Chillon' Alvarado, Jr.
Eric Alvarez
Jesse Alvarez
Joshua Isaiah Alvarez (19)
Rick Vincent Alvarez (31)
Ruth Ann Groves Ambro
Terry Watkins Ambrose (36)
Theresa Ambrose (38)
Peter K. Americo, Jr. (24)
Gerald James Amerson
Janice Marie Amirante
MaryJane R Andaverde
Tyler Ian Anders
Angela P. Anderson
Christina Kalehua Andersen
Elizabeth Jayne Andersen
Anthony Anderson (19)
Brad Anderson (42)
Brandon Russell Anderson
Brent Eric Anderson (37)
Charlene Anderson
Charles Alexander Anderson
Charles T. Anderson
Darcie Kay Anderson
Donnie J. Anderson (42)
Frederick Anderson
James Scott Anderson (22)
Jan Anderson
Jason L. Anderson (16)
J.D. Anderson (22)
Jeffery Thomas Anderson
Jeffrey W. Anderson
Jeremy K. Anderson, Jr. (1)
Kim Anderson
Kristen Callarik Anderson
Mark Alan Anderson (20)
Mark E. Anderson
Nomar Mario Anderson
Peter C. Anderson (27)
Ricky A. Anderson
Ronald Anderson (30)
Tracy James Anderson
Terry Roxanne Anderson-Reeves
Eric James Andrews (18)
Joseph E. 'J.J.' Andrews, Jr.
Patrick Michael 'Pete' Andrews
Randall Gordon Andrews
Joseph D. Andriano (33)
Clinton Ivan Andrix (20)
Stacy Carranza Andujo
Roy Wayne Andy II
Catherine Angel (47)
Julie Ann Angel
Cheryl Ann Adkins Angleton
Wendy Ann
Jacob Lee Anneler (2)
Derrick James Apodaca (30)
Steven P. Aponte
Sophia Elaine Aragon
America Zamora Archibegue
Jon K. Archie
Justin Andrew Archuleta
Richard Donn Arden (18)
Robert Ardrey (78)
Violet Ardrey (76)
Alicia Areseneault
Carol E. Armfield
Lenard Dante Armstrong
Michael T. Armstrong (23)
Harold Wayne Arnett, Jr.
Ronald D. Arnett
Tina Marie Arnett (20)
Chad Allen Arnette
Michael E. Arnold
Steve Arnwine
Kaitlyn Clare Arquette (18)
Jessica Ann Arredono
Albert Arriaga, Jr.
Patricia Ann Arriola-Zehler (46)
Nicholaus Joseph Artman
Patsy Michelle Arview
Thomas Scott Ashby (22)
Rex Alan Ashley (45)
Edward Askew
Kendal Gaither Askmore (35)
Tommy Aspery
Joaquin Astudillo (18)
Natasha Ann Atchley
Debbie Sue Atkins
Raymond Atkins
Carrie Dawn Atkinson (29)
David Narlow Atlas, Jr. (23)
Christopher Michael Attig
Robert Joseph Aubuchon, Sr.
Crystal Lynne St. Auburn
George Aufiero
Raymond Anthony August
Brandon Demarus Augusta
Daniel Louis Auman, Jr.
William ‘Billy’ Austin (23)
Derrick James Avery III (24)
Steven Ryan Keffel Avery (16)
Jennifer Avsenew
Donnell Leea Awalt
Olubusayo Awomolo
'Ram' Ayala
Omar Jamal Aycox
Amy Leigh Ayers
Earnest Ayers
Eileen T. Aylward (27)
Thomas Eugene Ayres
Patricia Lynn Azcarate
Nicole Azzalina

Derek Allen Babb (18)
Allen Gerard Babineaux (27)
David Baby
Hope Baby
Tom James Bacon
Justin Back
F. Richard Badame
Thomas Holman Baer
Nicolas Baeza (27)
Christopher Bacher
Robert Carl Baffa, Jr.
Andrew David Bagby (28)
Zachary Andrew Bagby (13 Mo)
Dwight Wayne Bagley (44)
Brit C. Bahn
Donna Lynn Bahn, J.D.C.P.A.
Bonni Bailey
Brian Terrell ‘Bump’ Bailey
Lori Matthews Bailey
Matthew Bailey (28)
Michelle Lynett Bailey
Nichole Lee Bailey (33)
Thresia M. Bailey (74)
Brian Keith Baker
Carlos D. Baker
Cynthia Lou Baker
David John Baker
Derrick Baker
Errol Tyrone Baker II
John Francis Baker (37)
Margaret Miller Baker (83)
Michael Baker
Melissa Diane Baker (30)
Thomas F. Baker (50)
Troy B. Baker
Vera Evelyn Baker
David Balance
Douglas Allen Ballance
Jennifer LeAnne Balber (20)
Oscar Alcorte Balderas
Emma Marie Baldwin (2)
Nathan Baldwin
Denise A. Balfour
Shelia Joyce Ball
Gloria Balle
Jesse Steven Ballot, Sr.
Diane Davis Balzer
Mary Susan Banda (40)
Clay Allen Banker
Calvin ‘CeCe’ D. Banks
Erik Banks
Karl Banks
Rose Mary Banuelos
Richard R. Banyots
Farah Baquer
Keith Eugene Barabe
Linda Marie Barasch
Thomas John Barbano
Dr. Louis A. Barbe, Jr.
Louis A. Barbe III
Jeremy Leon Barbee (27)
Bobby Ray Barber (17)
Duane L. Barber
Norma Mae Barber
Theodore Henry Barbone (19)
Richard L. Barbour, Jr.
Sherry Gail Barela
Alicia Marie Barfoot
Michael Scott Barg (39)
Mark Ray Barger
Nancy Ann Barile
Lance Barrett Barker
Maria Jane Barker
Scott Brian Barker
Michelle Rae Barlow-Kelley (19)
Derrick D. Barner
Andrea 'Annie' Barnes
Anne A. Barnes
Ashley Cecelia Barnes (18)
Donna Estelle Barnes
Eddie Eugene Barnes
Gregory Allen Barnes
David E. Barnett
Richard Joseph Barnette
Steven George Barnette
Samuel Paul Barranco
Dennis T. Barrett
Kirk Richard Barrett (29)
Sandy Barrett
Chad Joshua Barrick
Corina Beth Barry
Donald E. Barston
Tony Barthelemy (15)
Christopher Ray Bartholomew (21)
Christopher Alan Bartlett
Richard R. Bartlett
Chelsea Nicole Bartmier (20)
Kimberly Barton
Mark Christopher Barton
Jason Howard Bartosh
David Darren Barzilai
Beverly Basher (47)
Marion Bass
Christopher Jackson Bastin
Jeffrey Hugh Batan
Calvert G. Bateman
Chris Bates
Sheryl Cook Bates
Christopher ‘Joel’ Battaglia (23)
'Liberty' Mae Battaglia
Mary Faith 'Faith' Battaglia
Christopher Edward Batten
Michael Ray Battin
Nathan James Bauer (20)
Det. Sgt. Steven E. Bauer
Ellen Jean Bauer
Jennifer Bauer-Steele
Taryn L. Baumgardner
Julius H. 'Jay' Baumgardt
Alan Daryl Bauserman
Frank Bautista, Jr. (32)
J. Fernando Bautista
Roberto Diego Bautista (21)
Alan David Baxter
Christopher John Baxter (19)
Dietrich Mitchell Bay
Guy Dale Bay
Susan Renee Beadles
Marie 'Mimi' Mrakitsch Beal
DeForest B. Beale
James Bean
Nolan Beans, Jr.
Carl Beard
Rico James Beard II
Donald A. Bearsford
Fawn Beasley
Charles Edward Beatty, Jr. (21)
Ril M. Beatty, Sr.
Neil Patrick Beaudoin (4)
Jamar Beauford (21)
Michael A. BeBeau (28)
Stephanie Corn Bechtold
Thelma Beck
Jonathan Ray Becker
Armanthua Beckwith (39)
Judy Beckwith (31)
Christopher John Beebe (18)
Debra A. Beebe
David A. Beeks
Terry Beeson-Knudsen
Teresa ‘Terri’ Begley
Robert J. Behler
Thomas Stanley Beitler (25)
Georgia B. Bekman
Renee Lynn Belair (18)
Lisa Belanger
Aleisha Marie Belcher
Yvonne K. Belcher
Brian Bell (30)
Jason Alan Bell (20)
Marc Randall Bell (17)
Henry J. Bellaire
Jeffrey David Bellemare
Cliff Beller
John Dean Bellettieri
Wayne T. Belliveau
Eugene Bellman
Gilbert E. Benavides (27)
Zachary Rene Benavidez (23)
Trevor Neal Bender
Patricia Lynn Benjamin-Gwinn
Earlie Mae Bennett
Ella Bennett (4)
Michael Lynn Bennett
Rae Marie Bennett
Thomas C. Bennett (34)
Tony Bennett
Valerie Marie Bennett (18) &
unborn daughter, Samantha
Thomas Beno
Brian Bens
Bryan E. Bensfield (24)
Blair Giles Benson (18)
Deltrece Nickole Benson
Ryan Dwayne Benson
Donald Vincent Bentley
Gerald Bentley
Steven Bentley
Robert Wayne Benton
Teresa Bercume-Caron
Carlos David Berdeguez (46)
Peter Berg (43)
Mark Bergen (23)
Julianne Beth Berger (23)
Richard James Bergersen
Tod Eric Berkebile
Michael K. Berman
Rudy David Bernall III (19)
Brandi Lynn Bernard (19) &
unborn son, Anthony Tyler
Garry Raymond Berrie, Jr. (21)
Kevin A. Berrigan (21)
Robert James Berriman
Brian Berry (20)
Kenneth E. Berry, Jr.
Stephen M. Berry
Carol Putzell Berryman
Michel G. Bertrand
Danielle Dawn Beschle (17)
Patricia Leigh Spencer Best
Stephen Best
Gertrude M. Bestor (86)
Cassandra Marie Betts (25) &
unborn child
Gary Betts
Rebekah Ann Betzner
Gary Beverly (39)
Jerry Curtis Beverly
Michael Beverly
Keith T. Beyer (21)
Lucille Amendola Beyer (73)
Vinay K. Bhatia (18)
Marvin Bibb
Linda Bickel
Kirk Patrick Bickham, Jr.
Theresa Ann Bielamowicz
Scott Edward Bielech
Madison Marie Bierling (1)
Syndi Bierman (17)
Joanie Bierschbach (20)
Nicholas J. Bilek
Eddie D. Billard (23)
Brittney Marie Billette
Wesley Bryan Binder (51)
Annette Lynne Bingham
Donald A. Bingham
Cheryl L. Binkley (38)
Kevin Paul Bird
Jarred Birden (19)
Bryan Robert Biser
Kathy Ruth Bishop
Julie Ann Bissell
Junior Bivens, Jr.
Danielle L. Bjornstad
Gregory Black
Charles William Blackburn
Ronald C. Blackmon (25)
Ricky Blackmore (22)
Barbara F. Blackstone
David Blackwell (38)
Anthony Jerome Blair
Camryn Blair (18)
Jerome L. Blair
Keith M. Blair
Leon Wilson Blair (30)
Valerie Sherman Blair
Michiel Adrian Blamey
Dana Kay Blanco
Kevin Germaine Bland
William Bowdy Blankenship
Bruce Steven Blanton
Noelle Denise Blaskoski (27)
Barbara Ann Blatnik
Nola Blaylock
Tom Blaylock
Tiffany Laura Bledsoe (27)
Matthew Charles Blek
Sarah Lynn Hart Blessing(37)
Ivon McKee Blevins
Paula Michelle Blevins
Stacey M. Bley
Amy Sue Blount
Zachary Clayton Blue
Andria Lynne Blumenfeld (3)
Michael Blumenfeld
John E. Blundon
Catherine Maria Boals (17)
Brian K. Bobb
Alex Bodnar
Richard 'Rick' Boeck
Connie J. Boelter
David Douglas Boffey
Todd Michael Bogers
Alan Adrian Hardwick Boggs
David Lynn Boggs III (2)
Andre’ Derek Bohanon (21)
Nicole Christine Bohlmeier (17)
G. Michael 'Mickey' Bohondoney
Dana Scott Bohse
Jerrold Joseph Bojda
Belinda Bolanos
Steve Bolcevic
Michael J. Bolden
Carol Lee Bolduc (42)
Christopher Scott Bolduc (42)
Joshua Bolduc (15)
Anthony Jaye Boles
Suzie Bombardier
Danielle Christine Bonfield
Lindsey M. Bonistall
Daniel Dave Bonner (59)
Jennifer Lynn Bontempo
Gino A. Booker
Star Gail Boomer (39)
Anthony 'Tony' Boone
Arjel James Boone, Jr.
Debbie Boone (17)
George Myers Boone
Jeanne L. Boone (37)
Keeley N. Boone (12)
Sarah Anne Boone
Melissa Dawn Booth (27)
Brian Kevin Boothe (35)
Charles Boothe
Corita Boothe
Anthony D. Borden
Andrea ‘Annie’ Born (20)
Claudia Christina Borowitz
Lorriane Ann Borowski
Kassidy Caitlyn Bortner (21 Mo)
Derrick Bortz
Katrina Marie Boscia
John Bosco
Nancy Bosco
Rev. Billy M. Bosler
John Albert Bosley
Robert Jeffery Bosley
Richard James Bosselman
Dr. Margaret E. Bostrom Ph. D.
Misty Sue Boswell
Vernon Boswell (20)
Beth Ann Bosworth (16)
Robert J. Botelho, Jr.
Rita Botello (22)
Jeffrey Riggs Botts
Alex Charles Boucher (3)
Norman A. Boudewyn (19)
Christopher Bourdin
L. George Bourget
Jason Bourrage
Holly Boutilier
Richard W. Bovay
Deana Lynne Bowdoin (21)
Marlin Bowen
Bethany A. Bower (28)
LaShunda Jeanette Bowers (23)
Paula Jean Bowers (38)
James Harvey Bowie IV
Robert E. Bowie, Sr. (53)
Wendell L. Bowie (7)
Deborah Gail Bowling
Ralph Bowling
Stephanie Lea Bowman
Sgt. Stephen Lance Bowser
John Thomas Boy (18)
Byron Robert Boyce (21)
John Joseph Boyce (48)
Clarence Boyd
Michelle Anne Boyd
Jeremiah James Boyer
Kevin Lamont Boyer
Annette Ray Ann Boyle (22)
Amy Marie Bracht
Allen Dean Braddy, Jr.
Joseph Bradehoft
Gary Duane Bradley
Georgia Bradley
Jeremiah Cole Bradshaw (18)
Joni Lynn Bradshaw
Carlos D. Bradwell
Willy Brady
Sharon Callihan Brain (20)
Ericka Dawn Brair (18)
Art Brambila, Jr. (22)
Off. Kevin Brame (31)
Frank Branam (23)
Tania Brandenstein (27) &
Sydney Brandenstein (5 Mo)
Darren Scott Brandfon
Robbin Brandley
Bill Brandon, Jr. (39)
Dwight R. Brandon
Richard Brandt (35)
Kattie L. Branham
Sherry (35), Shelby (7) &
Cassidy(4) Brannon
Amy Joy Brant (22)
Jason K. Branton (28)
Tracy Mitchell Braslau
MacKenzie Bratcher (3)
James A. Braun Jr.
Elizabeth Bravo
Matthew Bravo (16)
Edmond C. Braxton lll (20)
Eric Lavon Bray
Karen Elizabeth Bray
Blake Brazeal
Clint William Brazell (25)
Raymond C. Breault
John S. Breckenridge II (26)
Paul F. Breland, Jr.(29)
James J. Brennan, Jr. (20)
Tina Kay Breschini
Jeannie Breshears (18)
Allan Geoffrey Brestin
Bonnie Brewer (37)
Charles Brewer (69)
Doris Jean Brewer (65)
Jimmy Alan Brewer (19)
Joshua Brewer (18)
Stephen R. Brewer
Marsha Brich
Claudine L. Brienza
Betty Sue Brigeman
Todd Brigham
Razzael Kenlee Bright
Terry Edward Briles, Jr. (5)
William Guy Brinkley
Daniel P. Britt
Beth Brittain (35)
Doug Brittain (35)
Michael M. Broad
Danny Lee Broadway
Barry Richard Brock (26)
Glenn Kevin Brockwell
Howard Jay Broder
John Robert Brodnik
Shannon Nolan Broe (24) &
unborn daughter, Alexandra Jordan
John Bronchik (32)
Brenda Leigh Brooks (3)
Portia Brooks
Chelsea Ann Brooks & unborn
daughter, Alexa Lynn Brooks
Jeffrey Brooks
Marlena Ann Brooks
Porshia Lynn Brooks
Roger H. Brooks
Valeri Camille Brooks (22)
Ronald Anthony Brossard
Joseph Brosta IV
Melissa A. Broucker-Stephens (21)
Babaji ‘Kevin’ Broughton (18)
Brian Keith Brown
Christopher Brown (24)
Dennis 'Denny' Paul Brown (27)
Grace L. Brown
Jacqueline Lee Brown
James Patrick Brown (40)
James Samuel Brown
Jennifer Brown
Karen Andrea Brown
Kellie Lynn Brown
Larry Lavon Brown, Jr.
Lawrence D. Brown (25)
Lea Anne Brown USN
Louis David Brown
Marcus Brown
Marry Jane Brown-Albach (42)
Misty Lachelle Brown (16)
Patrick C. Brown
Penny L. Brown (39)
Raylenne A. Brown
Reginald Brown
Robert ‘Bobby’ Lee Brown (28)
Rose Marie Brown
Shannon Brown
Stanley Brown
Stuart Burton Brown (29)
Tyrone M. Brown
Wayne Brown
William Brian Brown
Zachary Tyler Brown
Collin J. Browning
William Howard Browning(23)
Macxine Broyles
Dawn Rachelle Bruce
Kathryn S. Bruce
Michael Anthony Bruce
Joseph Edward Brucker (17)
Jeremy Jacob Bruder (17)
Sara Anne Bruehl
Richard Paul Brune
Michael E. Bruss (42)
Jeffrey Alden Brustle
Amber Elizabeth Bryant
Joseph Bryant (22)
Marcus Patrick Bryant (21)
Michael James Bryant
Pamela Lynn Bryant
Dennis Buan
Michael D. Buchanan
Deborah Lousie Buchar
Terry Louis Buchman (22)
Jennifer Nicole Buck (2)
David Buckley (27)
Lesa Marie Buckley
Moira Elizabeth Buckley (23)
Michael Thomas Buckner (26)
Jason Leslie Bucknor, Sr.
Marlene Marie Bueno (17)
David Michael Buerer
Peter 'Buster' Bufala (33)
Chendo Buford
Willie Buford
Mark Christopher Buice
Robert 'Bobby' Austin Bukey (38)
David B. Bullock III (27)
James Lewis Bullock, Jr.
Nokaleta Bullock
Coledda Bulman (24)
Mitchell Keith Bundy (18)
Janet Marie Bunkers (26)
Linda Evelyn Bunte
Kelly Sue Bunting (28)
Jeffrey Richard Burda
Sean A. Burgado
Richard T. Burgan
Charysse Patrica Burger (18)
Donald L. Burger
John Steven Burger
Marsha Lynn Burger
David Allen Burgess
John H. 'Bert' Burgess
Lonza James Burgess
Stephen Lynn Burgett
Janet Burke (46)
Marty Burke (29)
Stephen Craig Burke
Makeila Burkes
Kim Victoria Burkhart
Dean E. Burks (18)
Kristina Kay Burlingham
Larry Jaye Burnette, Jr. (18)
Corrine Ann Burns (26)
Faustina Burns
Gail Allyn Burns
George Junior Burns
James L Burns, Jr.
Michael Bransford 'Bran' Burns
Chiquita Diana Burt
Marilee Burt
David M. Burton
Scott Alan Burton
Shelly Maria Burton (20)
Thomas ‘TJ’ Burton (21)
Michael J. Burzinski
Katherine Ann Busch (7)
Edward M. Buschbacher, Jr.
Michael Buschiazzo (20)
Tyrone Bush
Andrew ‘Andy’ Paul Bushard (26)
Jewell Jean 'Juli' Busken
Julie Ann Bussell
Micheal Thomas Bussey (17)
Richard Arceno Bustillos
Matthew Benjamin Butcher
Jeremy Butera (23)
Marshall Ray Butler
Patrick M. Butler, Jr. (28)
Rene’e Yolanda Butler
Jeffrey Lloyd Butterworth
Mark D. Butts
Misty Dawn Butts (21)
Alexander Franklin Butzin
Meldoy Sue Butzin
Joseph L. 'Joey' Byassee (36)
Barbara Ann Byer
Claude Edward Byrd, Jr.
Kelsey Kathleen Byrne & Hayley Lorene Byrne
Sherry Renee Byrne

Teresa Caballero
Pedro “Pete” Cabrera Jr.
Robert L. Cade
Terry Cadman
Mark Cadrin (23)
Chance Allen Caffery
Michael Cahill (62)
Leland Caillau
Jacalyn Renee Calabrese
David Caldera (22)
Kenneth Anthony Caldera (16)
Andres Calderon (20)
Aderyl De’Andre Caldwell
Adrian Donyel Caldwell
Bruce Caldwell, Jr.
J. D. Caldwell
Noah Alexander Caldwell (5 Mo)
Rebecca Cay Caldwell (25)
Jasper Calhoun
Jesse Callejas (20)
Christina Calloway
Leslie Marie Camacho
Bridget K. Camber
Debra Jo Cambridge
Aaron Cameron (21)
Morgan Kelly Cameron
David C. Campbell, Jr.
Gregory Christian Campbell (22)
Laveryl Campbell (28)
Ronald Campbell (38)
Scott M. Campbell
Stephen Campbell
Tasha Campbell
Ursula E. Campbell
Robert P. Campo, Jr. (19)
Daniel Campos (21)
Fernando Campus
Terrance Dwayne Canada (28)
Henry Caneva (76)
John Matthew Cannell (32)
Derrick Demetrius Cannon
Johnny Ray Cannon, Jr.
Sean Cannon (29)
Charley Thomas Cantrell
Darran D. Cantrell
Richard Gordon Cantrell
Gene Angelo Capocasa (23)
George Anthony Capps
Alfred J. Caprio
Richard W. Carbonneau, Jr.
Jesse Cardenas
Randy Cargill (25)
Christopher R. Caris
Ted Carleton (42)
Frank M. Carlson
Tracy Lynn Carlson
Amanda L. Carlson-Bey (21) &
unborn daughter
Joan Ellen Baker Carlton
Nicole K. Carnahan (11)
Laurence J. Carnegie
Antonio G. Carnero II
Christina Lynn Carnes
Erica Yolanda Carr
Jason P. Carr
Margaret 'Peggy' Carr
Patricia Jean Carr (53) &
Jereau Carlson (2)
Shabazz Carr
Vickie Carr
Benjamin ‘Ben’ Carrigan (24)
Constance M. 'Gibson' Carrillo
Michael Anthony Carrillo
Carla Carrington (17)
Matthew William Carrington
Kenneth Ray Carroll, Jr.
Mary ‘Shellie’ Carson
Alfredro Gerard Carter
David Caples Carter, Jr.
Freddie Ray Carter
Gay Carter (58)
John R. Carter
Matthew Sinclair Carter
Michael De'Niro Carter (31)
Misty Denise Carter
Stacey Ann Carter
Timotheus Carter
William Barton ‘Bill’ Carter (30)
Georgia Caruso (39)
Antoine Darrell Caruthers
David Carwile
Paul Anthony Casas
Armando René Casasnovas (21)
Kimberly Lynn Cash
Glynn E. Cashaw
Ronald Casillas Jr. (24)
Zachery Casperson
Paul Eugene Cassel
Patrick James Cassidy, Jr. (26)
Judith A. Cassinger
Michael Leon Cassio, Jr.
Claudia Curfman Castellana
Andy Roy Castro (33)
Nicole Castro
Rene Castro (19)
Scott Daniel Catenacci
Wes Cater
Marie B. Caton
Sahrisa Catrina
Brian Catron
Christine Caudell
Keith M. Cauley
John Patrick Caulfield
Jeffrey Shane Caulk
Donna Lynn Cavanaugh
Lisa M. Caverly
Paul Cazarin (32)
Adrian Ceballos (20)
David Ceballos (30)
Christopher Celestin (22)
Danny Centrone (38)
Mark Cerda
Robert B. Certa
Manuel Cervantes, Jr.
Roland G. Cervera (41)
Jon Wenton Chadwick (36)
Jason Michael Chafin (20)
Steven Eliot Chaifetz
Margaret ‘Peggy’ Chain
Clyde 'Bud' Chamberlain
Mark E. Chambers (42)
Ernest F. Champagne Jr.
Bonnie Chandler
Lacy Corrin Chandler
Lonnie E. Chandler (20)
Mark Chandler
David L. Chandler
Robert Jeff Chandler
Richard D. 'Ricky' Chapa
David William Chaparas
Carol Anne Chapdelaine (39)
Duane Chapel
Cheryl Lynn Chapman (25)
Elizabeth Pletcher Chapman
Penny Chapman
Arthur Bernard Chappell
David Lee Charles
Gary Allen Chase
Damon O. Chatelain (19)
Patrick Francis Cheatham
Antonio Cheeks
Eric Grant Cheeks
Sarah Margaret Cherry (12)
Ashley Patrice Cheval
Anthony Chiaramonte II
Carl Patrick Chignell (35)
Andrea Marion Childers
Jeanie Ann Childs
Lennie Chives (42)
Joseph 'Joey' Chlopek
James ‘Gus’ Choporis
Sheila May Chrast
Kevin Christ
Craig L. Chrisman
Jarrod Alan Chrisman (23)
Thomas Christensen
Craig M. Christenson (33)
Catherine Louise Christian (22)
Ebony Christian
Kenny J. Christian
Robert Jamal Christian (25)
Jerry 'Bear' Christmas
David L Christopher, Jr.
Donald Wayne Christy
Dwayne R. Chubb
Patricia Denise Churchill
Paul Anthony Ciaramitaro
Freddie A. 'A.J.' Cicherski, Jr.
Christopher Charles Cigainero
Ursula Cinollo (92)
Keith R. Ciszewski
Kendra Lea Clack
Carl Dan Claes (14)
Brittany Clardy
David Michael Clardy, Jr. (26)
Adam Benjamin Clark
Alfred Clark, Jr.
Branson Clark
Gerald S. Clark
Jacklyn Clark
Paulette L. Barker Clark
Russell Stephen Clark
Stefan L. Clark
Timothy Clark (15)
Toni Clark
Warren D. Clark II
Leon Antonio Clarke
Mary Clarke (21)
Matthew Clarke (18)
Scott Michael Clarke (34)
Troy Martinez Clattenburg(24)
Kenny Claudio
Basil F. Clavert
Jaulon Clavo
Amy Clayton
Jordan Marcellus Claytor
Richard Edward 'Ricky' Clements
Roderick E. Clemons
Michael Cleveland
Robert Thomas Clifford II
Timmy Clifford
Anson Bannell Clinton III
Lisa Marie Clinton
Chris Clites
Bobby Clos
Troy Allen Clower (22)
Eric D. Coats
Stephen Coats, Jr. (16)
Susan Cobb (34)
Michael Craig Cochran
Shane Cochran
Luther Cockrell, Jr.
Mark Cockrell
Courtney Megan Coco (19)
Darryl Lavet Cody
Ashton Re’Nardo Coggins
Jeanette Cohen (28)
Seth Alan Cohen
Candace Sue Cohen-Demorest
Jeffrey Rhodes Cohoe
Julie L. Colaw Rimer (27)
Alphonso Colbert (20)
Charles R. Colclasure (47)
Arren Tyron Cole, Sr.
Joseph Cole (30)
Larry Dean Cole
Richard Steven Cole
Teresa Ann Cole
Tracy Cole
Whitney Laurel Cole
Anthony D. Coleman
Christine Michelle Coleman (40)
Jackie Coleman (28)
Jawan Collins
Joseph Colett (29)
Bob M. Mickey Collins
Eugene 'Earl' Collins
Lucinda Collins
Michael Anthony Collins (13)
Steven Collins
Victoria Helene Collins
Whelette V. Collins
Miguel Colon (37)
Tiffany Lynn Colon (15)
Anthony Michael Colosimo
Columbine Shooting Victims
Lester ‘Bookey’ Colvin, Jr. (22)
Keith Edmond Combs
Phillip ‘PJ’ Combs
Jon Richard Comfort
Celso Tristan Compean (32)
Jacqueline Evette Compian (26)
Thomas Gregory Conard (30)
Clayton Conaway, Jr.
Oswald ‘Ozzy’ Conde, Jr. (31)
David Condelles
Sanequa J. Congdon
Michael Anthony Conn
Susan Claire Connell
James Connelly
Dustin Reed Conner
Timothy Ryland Conner
Ke´sha Francine Conners (22)
Robert Anthony Connor
William 'Billy' Connor
Anne Marie Connors
Darlene Conrad
John E. Conrad
Laurie T. Conrad (19)
Thomas M. Conrad (54)
Sean Patrick Conroy
Kristine Lyn Constantino
Casey Contrarras (22)
Jesse Contrarras (53)
Tony Contrarras (61)
Vincent Michael Contreras
Carl Conway (57)
Elbert Frequente Conwell
David Russell Conyer (38)
Bonnie L. Cook
Chloe Cook
Donald Frank Cook
Jeremy Scott Cook(22)
John L. Cook (49)
Krystle Rose Cook (17)
Michael 'Mickey' E. Cook
Perry Wayne Cook
Scott Christopher Cook (25)
Theresa Cook (13)
Valli Michael Cook
Rachel Cooke
Jamie Alayne Cooksey (14)
Carly Joannine Cooler (21)
Edward Vincent Cooley III
Robert Alan Cooley
Christopher H. Coombs (27)
Jeffrey Alan Coonan
Michael J. Cooney
Carrie Rae Coonrod
Curtis Cooper III
Cyrus Cooper (25)
Gary 'Coop' Cooper (25)
Issac Gillette Cooper
Kelly Lynn Cooper (16)
Michael David Cooper
Ronald Lee Cooper, Jr.
Steven D. Cooper II
Talley Anderson Cooper
William 'Burl' Cooper II
David Cooperman (20)
P.O. Joseph L. Coote
Travis Copeland (25)
Deputy Copenhauer
Charles H. Copney, Jr.
Armn. Spec. Jason Scott Corbin
Jose Luis Corbo, Jr.
Xavier Cordero Jr. (20)
Cody Joe Cordova (20)
Michael Cordova (22)
Michael A. Cordova (35)
Joseph M. Cornell
Claudia Jean Cornia-Bills (48)
Hope Corsini
Gianni Scott Corsentino
Adam James Cortes
Chris Cortez (19)
Matthew Allen Cortez (18)
Terron Corum
Jason Scott Corvin
Scott Thomas Corwin (27)
Berlin Cosman (17)
Alexander Costas
Damaris Cotto
Eric P. Cotto
Debbie S. Cotton
Kristy Auw Couch (22)
Walter Douglas Couch
Kenneth Michael Countie
Christopher Courtemanche
Eddie 'Rock' Cousin II (18)
Philip George Cousins (44)
Donald Laverne Cowart
Deborah Mineo Cownie
Barry Lynn Edwin Cox
Dale E. Cox
Josephe Leo 'Lucky' Cox
Nicholas Anthony Cox (20)
Reginald John 'RJ' Cox
William ‘Bill’ Cox (24)
Eric Coy
James Coyan III
Aaron C. Coyle (18)
Cindy L. Cozad
Darryl Leon Cozart (33)
Adell Margaret Crabtree
Stephanie Crabtree
Guy Lewis Craft III (I6)
Ruth Craft
Jacob A. Craig
J. Michael Craig (32)
William D. Craig
Clay Crain (25)
Alvin Dale Craine
Brenda Leigh 'Paterick' Crapo
Scott Ross Cratty
Mary Craven
Curtis Crawford
Danny James ‘DJ’ Crawford
Darlene Conrad Crawford
Derek Lamont Crawford
Judith 'Sue Bug' Crawford (42)
Reggie Crawford (14)
Marlys Crawley
Elijah Crawley
Michael Crawshaw (32)
Theresa Creaco
Jeffrey Marshall Creamer
Clara Ivers Creech
Justin Alexander Creech
Terry Lee Crespo
Kimberly Futrelle Crews
Arnold Crine, Jr. (27)
Patrick J. Cripe
Nancy Ann Cripps
Michael Crishon
Gwyn D. Criswell (40)
Bryon G. Crites
Lynette C. Crocker
Gary M. Crockett
Tai Juan DeMarr Crockett
Jennifer JoAnne Cromptom
Walter J. Cropper
Joshua David Cross
Lena M. Cross, Mason C. Cross
& Christian M. Pizzulo-Cross
Michael Crouch
Charles William Crow (24)
Casey Crowder (17)
Wayne S. Crowley
Traci LaTrice Crozier
William F. Crumel, Jr. (28)
Michael D. ‘MDLS’ Crump
Theresa Weiss Cruse (30)
Claude Cruz, Sr. (31)
Christina Marie Cubenas (21)
Clarissa Ann ‘Carrie’ Culberson (22)
Tavan Cullum (31)

Jennifer Christl Cummings
Mindy Jo Cummins
Wesley T. Cummins (24)
Madison Ann Cundiff (22 Mo)
Gregory John Cunningham
Kimberly Ruth Cunningham
Nancy Stewart Cunningham
Treven Jacob Cunningham
Tricia Lynne Cunningham
Orville Dean Cuny
Anthony Cuozzo
Jonathan Curbelo (16)
Kathleen Mary Curham
Robert Curley (32)
Mitchell James Curran
Joshua Scott Curry (20)
Robert Dale Curry
Shane Clifton Curry
Tammy Jo Curry
Cassandra May Curtis
Lydia M. Curtis
Deanna Joy Custer (22)
Noemi Custodio (56)
Kim Marie Cuvo
Heidi Maria Czerwinski

Richard Dacosta (15)
Ochari D’Aiello (15)
Premal D. Dagly (21)
Ian Michael Dahl
Jonathan Michael Dahl
Daniel R. Dahlgren
Angela Lynn Dailey (21)
Tristan Thomas Daily (7 weeks)
Brian Scott Dalton (18)
Randy Lee Dalton
Mark Rossi Dandridge
Paula Maire Danforth
Carolyn Daniels
Yanika Daniels
Austin Kane Danielsen
Lauren Danis (28)
Russell ‘Russ’ Allen Danko (21)
Kevin Danner (44)
Cheryl Haley Dantzler
Amy Nycole Darland (17)
Irene Pierce Darley (35)
Sohail Adel Mohammad Darwish
Ronald Da Silva (29)
Joseph W. Daugherty
Michelle Renae 'Brown' Daugherty
Cara J. Davenport
Shaina L. Davenport
Elissa Gale Davidson
Garland Lee Davidson
Jarrod Blake Davidson
Kimberly Snow Davidson
Logan Nash Davidson (15)
Gerrick B. Davies (18)
Robert J. Davila
Allison Nicole Davis (21)
Azariah Davis (20)
Brandi Renee Davis
Brian K. Davis (19)
Carla Renee Davis (21)
Chad Jeremy ‘CJ’ Davis
P.O. Charles Davis
Denise L. Davis
Dolores E. Davis
Floyd Everett Davis
Frank EJ Davis
Frank W. Davis
Howard N. Davis, Jr.
Jeffrey Allen Davis
Joseph Edward Davis (20)
Justin L. Davis (22)
Karen Louise Davis
Kenneth L. Davis
Kevin Davis
Sgt. Kraig Eli Davis USMC (22)
Laura Ann Davis (16)
Lori Lauman Davis
Michael D. Davis, Sr. (44)
Morris Vernon Davis, Jr. (23)
Norman Robert Davis
Patricia L. Davis
Rashaud Davis
Richard Steven Davis (20)
Taylor Davis
Thomas James Davis
Todd Christopher Davis
Torrance Daniel Davis
Isaac Anthony Dawkins (20)
Adam Michael Dawson (19)
Charles William Dawson (41)
Kimberly Ann Dawson
Michael Trader Dawson
Jill Jolyne Dazey
Stephen John Dazey
Alford DeAscentis, Jr.
Brian James Dean
Robert Edward Dean III
Robert Michael Dean 46
Vriana Lorraine Dean
Marybeth Deardorf
Linda Sue Dearth
Allison Rainel Deaton-Drew
Patrick DeCesaro
Dillon Ray DeCoster
Denise Lynn Decker
Kimberly Jaye Decker (30)
William Russell Decker
Bridget A. DeCleene
Shane Allen Decota
Kenneth Lee Dees
Dwayne DeFazio (25)
Angelo De Fendis, Jr.
Damian A. De La Cruz (24)
Yvette De La Cruz (35)
Marcos Ian De La Cruz-Cody (17)
Ed De La Torre Jr.
Jason L. Delatte (21)
Roland 'Bernie' De La Vega (47)
M. Michael Del Bosque
Leah Ann De Leon
Paul R. De Leon (17)
Sarah DeLeon
Esteban Delgado (16)
J.D. Delgado
Kevin John Delgado
William 'Chris' Topher Delk, Jr.
Jennifer Pugh Della Costa
David Dell’Arciprete
Jose’ ‘Joey’ Deloa (16)
Marc Louis DelPilar (24)
Teresa Del Rio (20)
Agnes DeLuca (86)
Michael Anthony Deluca
Michelle DeMarzo
Michael Demetres
Ronald S. Demorest
Candace Marie Demoss (20)
Paulette Renee Dempster
Michael Cory Denenberg
Lynne Denney (59)
Brian E. Dennin (21)
Carli Anne Bitterman Dennis (30)
Rachel Elizabeth Dennis
Randall E. Dennis
Christopher DeNoyer (16)
Raime S. Denson (23)
Daniel R. Denton
John H. DePunte, Jr.
Amy Derewitz (22)
Eric David Derossett (22)
Louise Derosia (72)
Christopher Joseph DeRouen
Douglas De’Jon Derrick
Pelvin D. Derrien, Jr.
Damiyon Derrow (20)
Patris Johnathan Derville (24)
Justin DeSha-Overcash
Dennis Hector Desjardins
Daniel Desmond, Jr. (30)
Candace Marie Desmoss
Daniel DeStefano
Nathan James Deutsch (25)
Todd M. Devoy
Andrew Peter Devries
Joseph Diamicis (27)
Eva Diaz-Rondon (41)
Michael DiBisceglia (48)
Paul Daniel DiCampo (16)
Brian Dickerson (27)
Reymond L. Dickerson
Robert Lance Dickey
Lisa M. McGhee Dickson
Blake Michael Dickus (10)
Chynna Lynne Dickus (26)
Debbie Josephine Dicus
James Steven Didlick
George Edward Diebold
Mary Grace Diedrich (27)
Randall Lee DiGrazia
John Nicholas Di Iorio, Jr
Marva J. Dillard
Troy A. Dillingham
Jerels Dillon
Herbie Diluzio (28)
Hope Ann DiMario-Popoleo (26)
Mary Ellen DiNardi
Thomas J. Dinkel
Paulette S. Dion
John Diostilio (25)
John Di Siena, Jr.
Salvatore J. DiSimone (23)
Ryan Dismukes
Sanin Diukanovic
Christopher E. Divis (20)
Shirley Divisadairi-Robinson
Anita Dixon
Mistie Blue Dixon
Tom J. Dixon
Dino Dizdarevic 
Dat Tien Do
Arthur Clifton Doakes II
Victoria Rose Dobbin (8 Mo)
Brent Thomas Dobrie (18)
Michael Justin Dobrie (19)
Tabitha Lynn Dockery
Brandley Sean Dodd (20)
Baby ‘Hope’ Doe
Jane & John Doe
Justice James Doerr (11 Mo)
Christina Maryetta Doherty (6)
Michael Thomas Doherty
Richard Michael Doherty
Stephanie Lynn Doherty
Patrick O'Neil Dolan (19)
Philip Anthony Domblews
Bryan J. Donahue
Joseph A. Donahue
Sherri L. Donelson
Kira Rose Donnachie
Carol Ann Donnelly
Debra Susan Donnelly
David James Donovan
Billy Dooley
Kimberly Jean Dooley (12)
Jeffrey Jay Doolittle
Chip Doonan
Danny Duane Dopp, Jr.
Arthur D’Orazio (28)
Brooke Renee Doriot
Jeffrey William Dorn (30)
Jason Matthew Dorries (26)
Andrew Dotson
Kimberly Jo Dotts
Annette Marie Doucette
James W. Dougherty (36)
Ronald Jerome Douglas
William Douthit
Jody Dover (26)
June Gale Marie Dow
Maye Oma Dowden
Alan W. Doyle (16)
Ashley Wayne Doyle
Nan Barnard Doyle (43)
Rita E. Doyle
Jennifer Cristen Doyle-Miller
Marcus Tafari Samuel Downer  
Brenda Gail Dozier
Lamar Dozier
Heidi R. Dozler (21)
Gary Vaughn Drais, Sr.
Edward L. Draughan, Jr.
Isham D. Draughn II
John Marcus Drees (30)
Andreas Peter Dresp
Danial J. Dressler
Eddie P. Drew
Bridget M. Drobney
Richard R. Drulyk, Jr.
Jeffrey Dryfka
Maureen Linda Drzewiecki
Stephanie Lynn Dubay
Carol E. Duchesne
Richard Paul Duchess
Brian Leigh Ducker
Daniel 'Chaz' Dudley (26)
Davon Duehart
Denise Marie Duerr
Jennifer A. Duey
Tina Mae Duffell (37)
Ruth Steiner Dugan
Johnny F. Dukes
Tameca Nicol Dunbar
Alicia K. Duncan (24)
Christopher Allen Duncan (23)
Daniel Allen Duncan (33)
DeVontae Timahl Dukes
Jennifer Lynn Duncan
Kevin Thomas Duncan
Paul R. Duncsak
Devan Brooke Duniver (5)
Asia Banks Dunlap (20)
Joseph Grant Dunlap
Brian Phillip Dunn
Candi Dunn (Caudill)
Cynthia Louise Dunn
Robert Dunn II (24)
Kieran D. Dunne
Ron Dunwoody (36)
Lori Beth Dupont
Shakira Dupont (9 Mo)
Wendy Baldwin Dupuis
Angela Dawn Duran-Ortiz
Michael Duran, Jr.
Debra Althea Durant
Debi Durfey
Vida Nystrom Durham
Cheryl Ann Durkin
Robert Duron (42)
Alan G. Dushack (38)
Jerry Edward Dutra
Joanne Rolle Dutra
Kelly Denise Duty
Amber Maree Duval (1)
Tammy Lynn Dye
Anthony Dyer
Rebecca Jean Dyer
Michael Andrew D’Zugan (19)

Lisa Marie Eagling
Michael David Earl
Edward Lee Earley
Ernestine Lynn Earley
Michael Lee Early
Chris Eason (16)
Tonya Lynn Eastin
Franklin Ken Eaton (41)
Joshua Jeffrey Eberle-Martinson
Vida Ebrahimi-Vistro
Frank Otto Eckel
Lynn Ecker-Barrett
Calvin L. Ector
Jean M. Eddy
Jessica Louise Edens (25)
Christopher G. Edgar (18)
Bryan Clinton-Duvall Edwards Jr. (18)
Chad N. Edwards (26)
Gary Edwards (16)
Paul Edwards
Timothy Wayne Egan, Sr.
Travis Robert Eggersgluss (16)
Christopher Wayne Eggleston
Gregory 'Speedy' Eggleston II
Colin Sam Ehlers (23)
Joshua Richard Eich (19)
Jack David Eidinger
Rhona Lois Eiseman
David Simeon Eisenberg (27)
Gregory Scott Eisenberg (22)
Carey Allen Eister
John P. Elacqua
Maria Elacqua
David M. Eldert
Rebecca Casey Eldemire
Neal M. Eldrenkamp
Bronson Raphael Elguezabel
Rob Burton Elledge
Ashley Nicole Elliott(22)
Jason Thomas Elliott
Kelly Jo Elliot
Obediah Elliott (17)
Sgt. Robert L. Elliott (36)
G.R. 'Bobby' Ellis
Mark 'Scott' Ellis
Stuart David Ellis
Charles G. Ellison
James Pepper Ellison
Jason Matthew Ellison (23)
Nigel Jarrell Ellison (18)
Jacqueline Marie Ellzey
Linda Elmer (58)
John W. Elmore
Yvette K. Julian Elmore
Julian C. Elmore
Ross V. Elvey (58)
Jerry Ely
Robert 'Rob' Elzy, Jr.
Arthur Jay ‘A.J.’ Emerson (25)
Michael Emerson (23)
Jesse Ray Emery (22)
Jordan Lee Emery &
unborn daughter
Ted Emery
Jerry Duane Emmert
Sherly Encarnenze
M. Isabel Enck
Michael S. Enea
Trista Elizabeth Eng
James Michael Engelke
Daniel L. England
Joel Alexander England (24)
Chloie A. English
Douglas Ray English (47)
Gerald Kunene English
Lawrence Y.K. English
Tami Lynn Engstrom
Lawrence B. Ennett II (28)
Glen Joseph Enright
Joy Estrella Enriquez (19)
Michael S. Ensley (23)
Ruben Eppele
Terry Lee Eppihimer
Phillippia Antionette Epps
Gil Simon Epstein
Ira ‘Mike’ Epstein (40)
Doreen Rae Erbert
Sky Erickson (15)
David Richard Ericson
Genie Pamela Erkel
James Edward Erkel
Kevin Robert Ernst (23)
Vicky Lynn Ernst
Anyssia Katherine Escamilla
Jimmy Escoto R.N.
John Anthony Espana
Rita Leonie Theresa Espeut
Erica Margaret Espinoza (23)
Misty Dawn Espinoza (25)
John E. Esposito
Nicholas Esposito (6)
Pasquale Arthur Esposito, Jr.
Roberto Esqueda (29)
Ruben A. Esquiviel
David Estep
Mark S. Estes
Mary Susan Estes (21)
Sandra G. Estes
Ann Michelle Estrada (25)
Rick Estrada (23)
Veronica Estrada
Lynda Lee Estrella
Jill-Lyn Euto
Denise Marie Evanchik
Eddie Evans
Edgar Evans, Jr.
Emma Lou Evans (84)
Liana Marie Evans
Nikolas Coltan Evans (21)
Rachel Renee Evans
Daniel P. Everbeck (24)
Michael A. Everett II
Yvette Kay Everett
Jason R. Evers
Julie Ann Everson
Melissa Dawn Ewart
Lorance Joseph Eylicio

John Fabela
Bryce Fager (16)
Kelli J. Fager
M. Phillip Fager
Melissa Fager (9)
Michael Fager (11)
Roxanne Fager (31)
Sherri S. Fager
Jacob 'Jack' Robert Faifield
Peter Marshall Fairbaugh
Jennifer M. Fake (23)
Anthony James 'Tony' Falasco
Michael John Falcone
Rhonda J. Falkner-Faber
Robert Faller
Julie Dawn Fancher
Rebecca Jolene Fannelli
Patrick James Fanning
Allen Fantroy
P.O. Gary R. Farley
Jamie A. Farley
Robert Steven Farley
Todd Farley, Jr. (25)
James P. Farnham (23)
Lawrence H. Farrell II (21)
David Fred Faucett
Daniel Faulkner (25)
Haylie Marie Faulkner (15)
Stephen M. Faun
Thomas C. Fauria
Wale Ali Faust
Demetrius E. Fears, Jr. (24)
Robert Dwan Feary
LaMar Anthony Featherston (24)
Amy Locicero Federici
Cheryl Lynne Feeney
Jennifer Lynne Feeney
Tyler Jon Feeney
Steven Michael Fefferman
Debra Jean Feiner
Michael Hobart Feitlinger
Mary Rose Feldbruegge
Julian Feliciano
Glendon L. Felkins, Jr.
Tonya Marie Felts-West (25)
Deborah Lynn Fenster
Barney Ray Fenton
Steven Fentor
Jean Elizabeth Ferdinando (20)
Thomas C. Ferebee
Lacy Marie Ferguson
Mark Ferguson
Sheila Lynn Ferguson (17)
Randy Martin Fernandes
Christian Dean Fernandez
Gilbert Fernandez III (18)
Maria Isabel Fernandez (17)
Margie Ann Fernette
Christine Ferraro
Frank Ferraro
Bryan Ferrell
Henri-Robert Ferrer (17)
Ryan Ferris (14)
Judy Lynn Ferro
Curt E. Ferryman
Robyn Star Field
Debbie Lynn Fielding
Louis Fields
Matthew Fields (17)
Michael Fields
Robert Anthony Fierro (22)
Raymond Fife (12)
Allen S. Fifield, Jr. (24)
Anthony R. Figueroa
Lazaro 'Baby Lollipops' Figueroa
Maria Figueroa
Richard Elkin Figueroa (33)
Gregory Fils-Aime
Hailey Finch (5)
Luke Finch (29)
Robert Alan Finch (3)
Erin Jo Findlay
Cheryl Fink
Amanda Jaye Finkbiner
Kris Ray Finkbeiner 
Charles Samuel Fischer   
Ebony Fiser
Emma Beatrice Fisher
Rocky A. Fisher (28)
James Preston Fitch, Jr.
Emily Ann Fitzgerald (16)
Joshua David Fitzgerald
Officer Donna Shure Fitzgerald (51)
Noreen Hilton Fitzgerald
Kelly Fitzpatrick  (35)
Pat Fitzpatrick M.D.
Richard David Fitzpatrick-Muhammad           
Gary Lee Fitzsimmons
Timothy R. Fitzsimmons
Jeremy Peter Flachbart
Toby Shane Flack (21)
Melanie Ann Flannery
Christie Lee Fleming (25)
Harriet Ann Fleming
Peggy Fleming
Randy Fleming
Chrystal LaSheon Fletcher (24)
John Marvin Fletcher
Leann Dawn Fletcher
Reginald Fletcher, Sr. (41)
Ricky Terray Fletcher (27)
Cheryl Jewell Flippo (46)
Sherri Flockerzi (31)
David James Floeck
Rene Marie Flores (26)
Richard (42), Richard Jr. (17),
Sylivia (16) & Matthew (10) Flores
Sabrina J. Flores (16)
Ineishi D. Flourney (22)
Mark Gregory Floyd
Shameka Yolanda Fludd (23)
Bill Fluegel
Robert John Fluellen
R. Brandon Fluet
Gary Flynn (22)
Dameyon Parrish Flythe (25)
Lonnie Ray Foeh, Jr.
Kevin Bernard Foley
Dennis John Folk
Dennis A. Fontaine
Marc Alexander Fontanot
Anthony Keith 'Tony' Fontenot (32)
Alfred E. Fontina III (20)
Chris Lance Foote (25)
Robert Ford
Sheri Ann Ford (22)
Rory A. Forehand
Jennifer Maria Foretich (19)
Lori Anne Forrest (19)
Scott Dennis Forsgren (22)
Edward Joseph Forst
Gary C. Forsythe
Marcus Dion Forte
Pierre Antoin Fortier
Angela Lyn Fortner (17)
Deidra Fortune
Mark Joseph Foss (18)
Anna M. 'Backlund' Foster
David Foster
Nelson Foster
Perry Foster
Samuel Harley Foster
Scott Foster
Thomas M. Foster
Aurash Fotovat-Ahmadi
Yvonne Lee Fountain (33)
Regina Green Fournier & unborn child
Todd Gordon Foust
Anna Nicole Fowler (19)
Harper Fowler
Thomas James Fowler
Tim Foye
Jessica L. Fraccalvieri
Kristina M. Fracchia
Gregg Alan Frakes
Michael Jay 'Mikey' Francher
Anne Frank
Charles D. Frank
Tim Frank (19)
Victor Steven Frankl (20)
Anthony Franklin
Ivory L. Franklin
Ophelia Franklin
Sean Sylvanus Franklin
Esther Frantz
Martin Frantz
Janie Marie Smith Fray
Tracey Marie Frazer (31)
Gina Melton Frazier
Carolyn Frederick (51)
Michelle E. Fredericksen
Timothy Matthew Freed (11)
Marc K. Freedman
Channing Elizabeth Freelove (19)
Alex Victor Freeman 3rd (28)
Jarmario Durrell Freeman (6)
Larry ‘BO’ Freeman (24)
Louwise Britt Freeman (76)
Quincy Freeman
Tyrone Gills Freeman
Louis E. Freiri
William Herbert Freitag
Ean Lee French (28)
Robert Lee 'Bobby' French
DeAndre Terrell Frenchie
Patty Frey
Kindra Jann Friday (32)
Alan J. Friedman
Kiva Dale Friedmann
Brandy Christine Fries
Daniel Anthony Fries
Mark J. Friese (29)
Antoinette Frieson
Karrem Frisby (21)
Michael David Fromme (24)
Nick Frontuto (19)
Alan Fryback
Brian William Frye (26)
Sue H. Fucarino
Melissa A. Fuchs (23)
Mary Elizabeth Fudge
Edward Jonathon Fuentes
Bret Walker Fuit
Christopher Bret Fuit
Daniel Reuben Fulger
Keshawn Fuller
Orville Fuller (45)
Brittany Rene Funk
Edward M. Funk
Frances Ann Dorman Furie (49)
Pamela Furlong
Gary Furlow
Kevin William Furman
David Henry Furr

Kay Alcala Gabbart
Lynette Gabriel (21)
Paul Gabriel
Rosemary A. Gabriele
Stephanie Alexis Gach (21)
P.O. Scott Adam Gadel
Jestseta Marrie Gage
Rusty W. Gage
Jeffrey R. Gagnon
Amy M. Gaines (24)
Timothy Frank Gaines
Ricardo M. Gainza
Patsy A. Gaisior
Rachel Galbreath (33)
Stephen Richard Gale
Guillermo “Memito” E. Galicia
John C. Galinato
Kathryn Ann Gallagher
Mary Audrey Gallagher
Mona J. Gallegos
Debbie Gama (16)
Dean J. Gamboa (40)
Valerie Riojas Gamboa (20)
Michael Robert Games (24)
Amanda Gampfer
Matthew Gampfer
Elizabeth Ann Gangi
Melissa May Ganoe (21)
Ann Michelle Garay
Alberto Garcia
Cecilio James Garcia
Dawn Elizabeth Garcia
Felicia Amber Garcia (15)
George Garcia
Ileana Patricia Diaz Garcia
Jason Bartholomew Garcia
Javier V. Garcia (25)
Jesse James Garcia (26)
Michael Dean Garcia
Michael E. Garcia
Michelle K. Garcia
Patricia & Jessica Wilson Garcia
Percy Arnold Garcia
Rogelio "Roger" Garcia
Rosa Patricia Garcia (31)
Sean Thomas Gardhouse
Jennifer Ann Gardner
Jeraud Michael Gardner (21)
Mark Christian Gardner(24)
Michael Wayne Gardner (26)
Richard Earl Gardner
Albert Garland (56)
Tommy Garnica (15)
Todd Garrard
Mark Anthony Garrison, Jr.
Marshall Garrison (40)
Timothy Lee Garsow (20)
Andrew Gartner (20)
David A. Gartrell (25)
Davena Garvin
Dawn Marie 'Romano' Garvin
Albert Garza
Alonzo Rey Samuel Garza (20)
Arnaldo Garza, Sr.
Devin Garza (20)
Martin Alberto Garza
Ruben Franco Garza III
Rudy Garza, Jr. (19)
Thomas Christopher Garza (24)
Gilbert Gaspar (19)
Lisa Diane Gatlin (26)
George Anna F. Gatto
Danny Gaxiola (18)
Ann Christine Gay
Kyle Matthew Gearhart
Michael Kelly Gearhart
Paul M. Geertz (11)
Susan Helms Gehring
Amanda M. Geiger
Tanya Nicole Gelzer (20)
Jimmy Gengler
Stephen Wayne Gentry
Shevawn Geoghegan (14)
Jonah George
Travell Lee George (20)
Ronald Ray Georgopulos
Carol A. Geringer
Kimberly A. Geringer
Lorin G. Germaine
Christopher J. Gerspacher
Raymond M. Gettner
Nicole D’Andre Geyen-Tate
Michael Giampapa
Nicholas Giampietor (21)
Steven Giannoni
Viola Giardelli-Asencio (30)
Noel Tyrone Gibbons
Cynthia Tamara Elaine Gibbs (8 Mo)
Eddie Lee 'Bobby' Gibbs
Grace Esther Gibbs-Brown
Edward Wayne Gibson
Gene Gibson
George W. Gibson (47)
Jill Ann Gibson
Phillip Scott Gibson
Sirron Bakari Gibson (18)
Jacine Renee Gielinski
Bill Gienella (27)
Darci Marie Giese
Gregory Giesing
Delano Burke Gifford
P.O. Matthew F. Giglio
Christopher Gilbert
Mark Andrew Gilbert
Permon Eugene Gilbert
Wayne Gillian (21)
Dennis Gilligan
Louarna Gillis (22)
Daniel Robert Gilmore
William Rayvon Gilmore, Jr.
Stephanie Lee Ann Gilsford
Kathleen Marie Ginty (24)
Mario Gioe
Mary Regina Gioia (22)
Angela Lynn Giorgio
Wayne F. Girdich (33)
Rebecca Glahn
Anthony 'Tony' Glanton
Neal Glaser
Sammy Edward Glass
Linda M. Glazar
Myra Gleberman
Ashley Michelle Gleeson
Joshua Andrew Gleeson
Edward P. Glenn
Brian Donovan Glick (21)
Mami Marie Glista (21)
Darren E. Glover
Deon LaTelle Glover
Jacqueline Glover
Rick Daniel Glum
Trina Louise Gmachowski
Ricky Goble
Nancy R. Godbey
Curtis A. Goddard (27)
John R.A. Goddard (22)
Megan E. Godley
Troy David Godsey
Stephen R. Goebel (30)
Jeffrey Goedderz
Claudia Anne Goettel
Terry Layle Goettsch
Christine Goetz-Gailbreath
Jennifer Lee Goff
Lisa Goff (36)
Cynthia Gold
Eileen Gold
Heidi Goldberg
Janet Kaufman Goldberg
Jeanne Goldberg
Aaron M. Goldman
Ron Goldman (25)
Jomel Goldsmith
Janice M. Goldthwaite
Ricardo Gomez
Shaun Gustavo Gomez (20)
Carrie Lee Gonzales
Dax Gonzales
EJ 'Esteban' Gonzales (20)
Humberto Gonzales (24)
Jennifer Nicole Gonzales (27)
Margaret Gonzales
Sandra Ann Gonzales
Lisa Annette Gonzales-Jimenez
Gabriel Gonzalez, Jr.(18)
Jessica Gonzalez (24)
Lori Renee Gonzalez (20)
Rachel Nicole Good (20)
Damon Goodall
Stephen Michael Goode
Gordy Lee Goodman
Howard Jay Goodman (37)
Nelson 'Sonny' Goodno
Darin L. Goods
Ellen Sue Gordon
Michael C. Gordon
Rebecca Gordon
Julie K. Gordy
Lloyd Eirc Gorenstein
Kelly Lynn Gorham
Telesforo Gorham
James C. Goss
Kimberly Goss
Ronald J. Gosser
Larry G. Leigh Gossett (19)
Laura Lee Gossman
Richard Gotiear
John Gotsch
James V. Gottlieb
Mindy Elizabeth Angel Gould
Theodore Curtis
Theodore 'Ted' J. Gould
LaSonia Quinetta Graham (25)
Laurel Susan Grams-Rau
Lionel Grandison
Anthony Joseph Granese
Brenda Hughes Grant
Edwin Keaire Grant (18)
George Henry Grant
George R. Grant
Nicole E. Grant Hahberger (2 Mo)
Steven L. Grant (45)
Michael Alan Grasa
Dana Grauke II (14)
Benjamin L. Gravel
Nanci MacKay Graves (25)
Darren Anthony Gray (24)
Edward Conway Gray, Jr.
Francis Patrick Gray
Kristen Elizabeth Gray
Steven R. Gray (27)
Toby Gray (32)
Jared Odell Graybeal
Samuel Lewis Grayson, Jr. (22)
Vincent J. Grazioli (24)
Heather E. Greaves & Lisa M. Greaves
Bobby Green (48)
Dyron J. Green (34)
Erica Jane Green
Jason Louis Green
Kenneth Maclin Green I
Leon Maurice Green, Jr.
Sean Nicholas Green (31)
Derek Greene
Eugene ‘Tre’ Greene (21)
Gage Greene
Lea Marie Greene
William 'Billy' J. Greenwood (36)
Charles Greer
P.O. Daniel J. Greer
Carmen Louise Gregg
Michele Yvette Gregg
Susan Powell Gregg (25)
Jimmy Greggs
Ella Mae Daulton Gregory
Karen Gregory
Michael Gregory (42)
Holly Ann Greinert
Kristina Gretillat
Paul Griego, Jr. (17)
Ronnie B. Griego, Jr.
Jenna Christine Grieshaber (22)
Christine Griffin
Dorothy Marie L. Griffin
Duane C. Griffin, USN
Jason Williams Griffin (17)
Mindy S. Griffin (24)
Rikki Ann Griffin (5)
Thane Griffin
Stuart E. Griffith
Robert Lee Griffy (23)
John Reginald Grigg (30)
Michael C. Grigsby, Jr. (14)
Kristina Grill (15)
Todd Grills
Ralph Grimes, Jr.
Keith Douglas Grimm (29)
Larry D. Grimm (57)
Raymond Grimme, Jr.
James McLennon Grimshaw II
John P. Grogan
Lawrence E. Gronemeyer, Jr.
Bradley Thomas Grooms
Jamell Grooms
Timothy N. Grooms
David Lee Gross
Officer Jason Grossnickle
Joseph Grote, Jr. (62)
Kenneth P. Grote (25)
George Leonard Groves
Eddie Grudens
Karen Grudens
Nancy Gschweng
Carlos Jacob Guerra
Mary Louise Guerra
Judy Guerrero
David Gugel (32)
Melvin Warren Guhl
Timothy Guilbault
Tracy Guigler
Kyle J. Gulledge (38)
Shane Michael Gulleman (18)
Daniel Gunn (32)
Georgia Gunzer
Holly Gustafson (21)
Tony Gustafson
Deborah J. Gustin
Michael Joseph Gustin
Gregory 'Greg' Phillip Guthrie
Jesse L. Gutierrez (23)
Omar Q. Hernandez Gutierrez
Crystal Gutjahr (17)
Danny C. Guyse (22)
Cary Mario Guzman (25)
Michael Guzman
Brian Gwaltney (21)

Gregory Anton Haas (32)
Kathleen Habeeb (19)
Brian Haber (32)
Kyle 'Joe' Hachmeister
Angela Faye Hackl
Stephanie M. Hackworth
Nolan Jay Hadden
Michelle ‘Shelly’ Marie Haensel (25)
Robert Jacob Haenssler
Melissa Anne Haferman-Januskevicious (20)
John Glenn Hagaman
Robert Hagen (25)
Eugene Hagans
Andrew Hager (23)
Carolyn Sue Hager
Susan Margret Hahn
Bonita Haines
Clarence Eugene Haley (23)
Zachery Haley (22)
Lamarr Haley-Wilder (19)
Aaron David Hall
Aileene J. Hall
Brian Craig Hall
Dana Dale Hall (21)
Ira Jason Hall
Isaac N. Hall
Jamalis Marvin Hall
Janel Hamilton
Jerald Ray Hall
Khyle Nathan Hall (19)
Michael Hall, Jr
Tre Vaughn Hall
Tremain K. Hall (15)
Wilbur B. Hall
Bobby Halpin (25)
Nikki Gomm Halpin
Justin Halsell
James V. Halversen (31)
Dante Hamilton (19)
Gerard Peter Hamilton
Gregory Franklin Hamilton
Nancy June Hamilton
Cameron D. Hamlin
Jason M. Hamm
David Ryan Hammette (17)
Charles Ray Hammock
Aaron Glenn Hammond
Dennis Hammond
Karie Jean Hammond (22)
Qwami A. Hammond (5)
Keith R. Hampp
Michael Adam Hampson (21)
Alan Hampton II (23)
Carlton Robin Hampton
Eric Paul Hampton
Roneisha Hampton
Tommy Hampton (36)
Jonathan A. Hancock (19)
John S. Hankins
Michael John Hanly
Melissa Dawn Hannan
Lee Olamae Hannum
Mitchell J. Hanrahan
James Asanoe’ Hansen
Jana Marie Hanson
Michael Hanson
Brandon Allen Hanson Alepe (34)
Debra Suzanne Happ (24)
Roberta Louise Happe
Joshua Harber
Jennifer Ann Harbison
Sarah Lousie Harbison
John V. Hardeman III (27)
Steven Ray “Red” Hardin
Gail Hanies Hardeman
Patty Peterson Hardman
Michelle Lynn Hardt
Tammy Jo Beazley Hargett
Kenneth Lee Harlan
Dustin Eric Harless
Tracey R. Harness
Adreian M. Harmon
James Harmon, Jr. (28)
Lois Haro (26)
Timmy Harrell
Valerie Marie Harrington (23)
Alexis Olivia Harris (20)
Brian Edward Harris
Charles Edward Harris (25)
Charles Edward Harris, Jr. (21)
Debra Harris
Dennis Terrell Harris (23)
James Porter Harris, Jr. (21)
Jennifer Lynn Harris (20)
John Halbert Harris
John Thomas Harris II
Joseph Benjamin Harris (32)
Kristina A. Harris
Lennis W. Harris, Jr.
Michael Gene Harris
Milayna Catheryn Rena Harris (17 Mo)
Robert E. Harris, Jr.
Robert A. Harris
Scott Alan Harris
Shantia Tamona Harris
Stephen S. Harris (43)
Stefhan Vaughn Harris (28)
Tammie E. Harris-Owens
Michael Darell Harris-Bey
Ann Marie Harrison (15)
Avis Emmons Harrison
Jason Harrison
Kierra Ashlie D. Harrison (14 Mo)
Sherry Lee Harrison
Theodore Tyrone Harrison, Jr.
Brian Steven Hart
Keara Lynne Hart
Melissa Ashley Hart
Nikki L. Hart (33)
Warren B. Hart III (43)
Michele Marie Hartfiel (17)
Kenneth Weston Hartford
Thomas L. Hartley
John Gilbert Hartman (15)
James Donald Hartzell, Jr.
Shawn L. Hartzog
Frederick Rico Jones Harvey
Erica Clark Harvey
Patrick Dwayne Harvey
Rachel Coddington Harvey
Renee Jeanine Harvey
Rick D. Harvick (30)
Daniel D. Haselwood
Christina Megan Hasler (8)
Kenneth David Hassler, Jr.
William 'Todd' Hastie
Linda J. Hatch
Michael J. Hatch
Michael Hatfield
Faith Colleen Hathaway
Michael Preston Hathaway
Robert Phillip Hathaway
Elton Hatley, Jr.
James Dayton Hatley (43)
Nathan W. Hattery
Rebecca Hauser (32)
Trevor Haw-Grizzle (21)
Erick Christopher Hawk
Alice Ann Hawkes
Bonnie Jean Hawkinberry (19)
Connie Hawkins (39)
John Wesley Hawkins
Tracie Jean Hawlett (17)
Christopher Jo Hawthorne
John A. Hayes
Michelle M. Hayes
Oscar 'Leonard' Hayes, Jr.
Paul Hayes
Ronald Alan Hayes (34)
John E. Haymer (47)
Connie Arlene Haymore
Lorena May 'Rena' Haynes
Paul Hays
Jacob Hayward
Amanda Lea Haywood
Laquanna L. Haywood
Emily Hazelbaker
Patricia Healslip
Harry Joseph Healy
Michael J. Healy
Bernard Timothy Heaney
Audrey Lee 'Poley' Heaps
Harriet Ann Heard
Ronald Paul Heater, Jr.
Leonard D. Heath, Jr.
Gregory Alan Hebdon
Kate Hebert (37)
Robert Arthur Heckbert
Tami Lynn Heckman
Todd Crosland Hedgepeth (30)
Joshua Eugene Hedglin
Nicholas Hegwood
Paul Matthew Heid (22)
Brian Maurice Heigh
Clinton Heilemann
Michael Heimer
Adria Leigh Heineman
Tracy James Helling
Lawrence David Hellwig
Philip A. Helm
Michael Helmi (52)
Clayton Helriggle (23)
Katelyn Helton (1)
Jamie Hemandez
Gary Lee Hembree 
Stephen G. Hemerlein
Joseph J. Henaghan III
P.O. Sgt. Timothy Henck
Chad David Henderson
Lynn Bennett Henderson
Mary Henderson
Nicholas 'Nick' Hendrickson (20)
Robert John Hendrickson
Joyus Dawn Hendrix
James K. Henley
Patrick J. Henley
Margie Hennen (26)
James D. Henry
Tamara Jean Henslee
Robert John 'Bobby' Hensley
Jade Denielle Henson (3)
David Anthony Herena
Marcus Frank 'Marky' Herman
Baby Alicia Ann Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez (30)
Cynthia Tammy Hernandez (20)
Fernando C. Hernandez, Jr.
Guadalupe 'Lupe' Hernandez (39)
James Hernandez (24)
Juan Manual Hernandez (19)
Kayleigh Brook Hernandez
Raymond G. Hernandez
Ruben "Baby" Cruz Keahi Hernandez II
Juan Hernandez
Julie Morgan-Hernlen &
Aeneas Hernlen
Gail Garcia Herrera
Santiago Herrera
Russell Allen Herrick
Cathy Hynson Herrington, RN
Todd Alan Hershberger
Bill Hertzenberg
Corey Hertzenberg
Tracy Hertzenberg
Amber LeAnn Hess
Amy Marie Hess (16)
Gregory Scott Hess (23)
Stuart Michael Hess (24)
Linda Kay Hesse (32)
Laura Alice 'Crystal' Hetes
Erna Lyne Heyer
Christopher Alan Heyman
Stephanie Lynn Hiatt
Jeremy Hibbett
Matthew Lee Hibbitts (19)
Barbara Louise Hicks
Erika Suzanne Hicks
Felicia Lynn Hicks
Ginger Nicole Hicks
Glendon Farrell Hicks, Jr.
Kent Hicks
Stephen Michael Hicks
Steven Mark Hicks
Vanessa Marie Hicks
Brian D. Higgins (21)
Cayce Rebekah Higgins (19)
Willie Higgins
Jennie Mae High (80)
Robert Haynie High (86)
Richard Earl Hight
Amelia Rose Hightower
James K. Higley (28)
Meriden 'Mert' Higley (34)
Nicole Lyn Hildebrand
William L. Hildebrand III
Mark D. Hileman
Angela Hill (6)
Gary R. Hill
Helen Hill
Joey Hill ‘Little Dude’, Jr. (25)
Joseph E. ‘Joey’ Hill, Jr. (27)
Lena L. Hill
Lori Ann Hill
Michael H. Hill
Padriac Meriadoc Hill
Randall Zane Hill
Rickey Andre Hill (45)
Todd Hill (41)
Russell A. Hillberry
Brian Scott Hilliker
Margaret 'Margo' H. Hillman
Maurice Hillsman, Jr.
Cathy Longstreet Hilton
Andre S. Hines
Andy Hines
Gregory Wayne Hines (17)
Dora Hinkle (22)
Doug Hinkle
Lt. Robert L. Hinman USN
Edric Raynard Hinton
Jeffrey Allen Hirsch
P.O. Fred S. Hirsch
Mildred Hitchcock
James Joseph 'Jay' Hitt (22)
Randy E. Hobaugh (38)
Jeffrey T. Hobaugh (36)
Mark F. Hobbs
Willie Mac Arthur Hobbs
Jaydon James Hoberg (17 Mo)
Linda Evers Hoberg
Christen A. Hobson (13)
Christopher L. Hobson
Karen Weber Hock
Catherine Louise Hocker
Justin Lee Hocker
Erana Hodge
Lisa Anne Hodges (37)
Mandy Hodges (17)
David Keith Hodgin (36)
Kevin Dean Hodgin (35)
Justin R. Hoeffler
Amie Lee Hoffman
Augustus 'Gus' Hoffman II
Ruby Ann Hoffman
Susan J. Ralls Hoffman
Warren Hoffman
Danny K. Hoffmeister
Robert Matthew Hogan
Kenneth R. Hogg
Kimberly Hogue (37)
Nathan Charles Hogue
Anthony Holbert
Brett Duane Holbrook (17)
Joel Holbrook (33)
Angela M. Holcomb (31)
Cassey F. Holcomb
Casandra 'Cassie' Ann Holden
Kyle Holden (30)
Rocky Louis Holder (29)
Brandyn J. Holdman (1)
Kathleen Mary Holland
Thomas Edward Hollar
Cara Marie Holley (18)
Leigh Ann Holley (31)
Tomi-Terre Selene Hollingshed
Charles Alan Hollingsworth
Jennifer Hollis
Edward A. Hollman
DePaul E. Holloway, Jr.
David Christian Hollowell
Thomas B. ‘TJ’ Holly III
Carlos Crenshaw Holman
Gregory Holman (14)
Karl Harvey Holmberg (30)
Cory M. Holmes
Lanette LuAnn Moon Holmes
Stacy Brooke Holsonback (18)
Renee Holston
Christina Holt
Russel J. Holt (32)
Kimberly Holton
Todd Christopher Holtsclaw (30)
Joshua William Holtsclaw (14)
Daquan Honaker
John ‘J.T.’ Honce (23)
Kevin C. Honore
Ashley Nicole Hood
Deondray Perri Hood, Sr.
Archie Randall 'Randy' Hooper
Baby Hope
'Baby Girl' Hopfer
Anthony Daryl Hopkins
Zanetta Marie Hopkins
Barbara Hoppe
Amy Hoppes
Jolene Hori (34)
Eli Hormann (24)
Brett Horne
Patrick Blair Hornbaker (32)
Terri Simpson Horton (30)
Tracy Lynn Horyna (16)
Curtis D. Hoskins, Jr.
Lance L. Hoskins
Leonard 'Milo' Hoskins (49)
Brian Scott Hotchkiss
Clyda Rene’ Houle
Daniel Brian How (22)
Leonard Howard
Richard Glenn Howard
Shawn A. Howard (39)
Sylvia A. Merrill Howe
Jerry Howell
Paul Allen Howell (17)
Patti Ann Howlett (38)
Gerald Thomas Hoy
Jerome Crayton Hoy (33)
Stephen Curtis Hoyle  
Christa Leigh Hoyt
Sandy Hoyt
Gary G. Hruza
Rev. William Hsing Wei Huang
Cindy Lou Hubbard
Paul Orville Hubbard
Denise Huber (23)
John David Huberty
David Hudson (41)
Jackie Hillsman Hudson
Melinda Hudson
Tommie Hudson
Robert Raymond Huerra (23)
Preston Dominic Huerta
Anissa Rochelle Huff
Donald Ryan Huff
Lisa Rachelle Huff
Charles ‘Chuck’ Huffman (31)
Daniel Joseph Huffman (15)
Doug T. Huffman (24)
Daryl Wayne Hughes
Harold Hughes (47)
Mary Eileen Hughes-Cornwell (23)
Micheala Carol 'Micki' Hughes
Mona Keeney Hughes
Tony A. Hughes
Wayne Hughes
Wayne Hughes I
Lisa Gayle Hullinger (19)
Jamie Lynnette Hulsey
Maureen N. Hultman
Jerry W. Human
Helen Marie Hume (24)
Margaret Mary Hume
Jack W. Humphrey
Katie Humphrey
Bobby Bret Humphries
Tommy Hunt (21)
D.J. Hunter (19)
Sunethia Hunter
Tracy Lynn Hunter
Tina M. Huntley
Dana R. Hupfer (25)
Danny Lee Hupman
John Kelly Hurd (30)
Orlando Hurley
Brandon A. Hurtado
Paul A. Hurtado, Jr.
Brandy Leah Hurtt
Taleb Husein
Christy Huser
Cheri-Lynn Huss (39)
David H. Hutcherson
Eric Hutchins (24)
Helen Hutchinson (50)
Mary Ellen Hutchinson
Larry Gerald Hyatt
Bethany Hyde (16)
Sherry Denise Hyde
Walter F. Hyder
Deidre E. Hymon (21)

Rebecca J. Iannelli
Dave 'Holocaust' Iannicca
Vanessa B. A. Iberri
Bill Ickes
Tarvie Shondell Igus (26)
Terri Lynn Ihland (36)
Jennifer Sue Iles
Billy Iliffe
Christina M. Imperatrice
Ann Ingram (49)
Louis A. Innucci
Theresa Elizabeth Insana (26)
Katrina Intano (31)
LuAnn Ardell Irby (20)
Paula Ann Irons (45)
Tom H. Irvin-Peoples III
Kevin Isaac (20)
Stephanie A. Isaacson
Edward Daniel Iscoe
Glenn Stuart Iscoe
Lee Joseph Iseli
Herman Ray Ishee (59)
Richard Herman Ishee (53)
Marialyse A. 'Robin' Ishmael
Gayle M. Isleib
Alexandria Nicole Ison (17)
Jennifer Marie Ison
Marissa Lauren Ison
Shannah Marie Ison
Curtis E. Israel
Michael Brian Iverson (16)
Larry Kevin Ives
Santana Cora Ann Ivey (22)
Rose Ann Ivey (56)
Steven Ivory (33)
Todd Ivory (29)
Rose Ivy

Deanna Jablonski (24)
Sue Ellen Jack
Antone Jackson
Brandon Anthony Jackson
Damarcus Jackson
Herbert Brooks Jackson, Jr.
Jacob Eric Jackson (24)
Jeffrey Jackson
Jesse J. Jackson
Keldrick Jackson (25)
LaMont Jackson
Ricky A. Jackson (30)
Robert 'Troy' Jackson, Jr. (21)
Roy Edward Jackson, Jr.
Stephina Jackson
William Jackson (29)
Tyler Jacob
Daymian Jacobs (19)
Kimberly LaShara Jacobs
Sgt. James L. Jacobs (27)
Steven John Jacobson (42)
Alissa Jacques (2)
Cindy Jacques (22)
Jodie Nicole Jakubaszek
Anthony M. James
Melissa James
Mylan James (33)
William 'Billy Whisenhunt' James
Glenn Laray Jamison
Sara Jayne Jamison
Thomas Phillip Janelle
Michael Jared
Ronald A. Jarman
Melissa Jaroschak
Timothy Ray Jarrell
Greg Alan Jarrett, R.N.
Paul Stuart Jarrett, M.D.
Brian Robert Jarvis (17)
Lynette Jarvis (22)
Suzanne K. 'Suz' Jarvix
Monica Faye Jeansonne
Tom D. Jedele (32)
Kurt R. Jeeves
Roxann J. Jeeves
Paul Bruce Jefferson (19)
Tracey Lynn Jefferys
Todd E. Jeffords
Michael Jeffries
Michael Lane Jeffries
Toni Jeitani (29)
Karen Yvette Jelks
James S. Jenich
David Lee Jenkins
John Presley Jenkins (15)
Reginald Lavar 'Reggie' Jenkins
Ricky Lee Jenkins
Terry Wayne Jenkins
Vicki L. 'Dumm' Jenkins (43)
William Benjamin Jenkins
Talitha Evangeline Jennings
Brian E. Jenny (21)
Joey A. Jensen (17)
John W. Jensen III
Michael James Jergens
Cletis Tyrone Jessie, Jr. (25)
Tresia A. Cook Jester
Monica Weber Jeter
Dennis A. Jobe
Laurie Debra Jobe
Ada Mildred Johnson (19)
Aniva Johnson
Avery D. Johnson
Benita Y. Johnson
Jakeob Lee Johnson
Kandice Johnson Gargus (19)
Carrie Marie Johnson (30)
Chelsea Marie Johnson (15)
Christopher David Johnson (31)
Courtney Johnson
Danta Johnson (23)
Donald L. Johnson
Eric D. Johnson
Gail Baitinger Johnson
Hope Elizabeth Johnson
Howard D. Johnson (28)
Jeffrey Bruce Johnson
John Johnson, Jr.
Jonathan Gregory Johnson
Kathleen M. Mustoe Johnson
Kevin D. Johnson
Khaaliq Jabbar Johnson (24)
Larry E. Johnson
Lee Allen Johnson
Lei Tyree Johnson (38)
Luis Johnson
Melissa Noelle Johnson
Michael Ryan Johnson
Milagros T. 'Millie' Johnson
Nathan L. Johnson
Olin Philip Johnson (16)
Ramon Johnson
Richard Johnson
Richard K. Johnson, Jr. (19)
Samuel Johnson
Scott Douglas Johnson (28)
Shawn C. Johnson
Shelton L. Johnson (27)
Steven Karl Johnson (28)
Talyssa Johnson
Rebecca Anne Johnston (18)
Robert Lee Johnson
Ross Michael Jolley
Anton DeShawn Jones, Jr.
Brishell Tashe' Jones (16)
Cassie M. Jones (19)
Charles "Short" Jones
Christina Jones
Christopher Jones (21)
David L. Jones
Eileen Jones
Isiah Mi’Kyle Jones
Jerri Georgia Jones
Johnny Olanda Jones III
Joscelyn Olivia Jones
Kevin Beresford Jones
Laurence A. Jones, Jr. (24)
Mario Alexander Jones
Marlon Jones
Paul Jones (29)
Robert M. Jones
Robert Wayne Jones (59)
Robert Lee Jones (23)
Ross Michael Jones (22)
Roy Jones
Tab Jones
Teresa Karen 'Terri' Jones (32)
Timothy Christopher Jones
Vernice Jones
Cecil A. Jordan
Chanel S. Jordan
Michael Raymond Jordan
Devarek Deon Joseph
Kim N. Joseph (22)
Neil Cranston Joseph (21)
Lamont Mims Joshua (31)
Mary Ann Joslin (68)
Nicole Chartre Joslyn
Jimmy Douglas Joslyn II
Peter Scott Jouron
David Michael Judge
Donald G. Juenemann (56)
Michael James Juergens
H. Gregory Jukiewicz
Andrew William Just (17)
John B. Justad
Ivan Michael Justice

Bobbi Marie Kafka
Joshua Lee Kalina (20)
Sharon Beth Kallick (18)
James Herbert Kallies
Atty. James C. Kaloger (34)
S. Russell Kamosky
Justin Kane-Valenzano
Rita Ann Kappenman
Alexi Ohannes Kaptanian
Paul J. Kaptiz (25)
Dana Anthony Karp (37)
Rome P. Kasnikowski
Robert L. Kasper
Saleh H. Kassabieh
Joseph M. Katenbrink
Cindy Anita Kater
Amanda Leigh Kates (21)
Dawn Renee’ Katzman
P.O. Michael J. Kavanahg
Sr. Dorothy Kazel, OSU
Christine Keaton
Jessica Lynn Keen (15)
Julia Marie Keenan-Dawson
Kathleen Garnette Keeney
Karen Ann Keeton
Mike Keezer (19)
Steven Keffel
Robbie Janae Kehrer (24)
Karen Anne Keller
Jacob Bradley Kelley (19)
Jamie Kelley
Joshua Adam Kelley (17)
Kara Kelley-Voss
Mark Brandon Kelley
Patrick Michael Kelley (22)
Tom Eugene Kelley (27)
Christopher A. Kellmer
Judy Faye Kellum
David Michael Kelly II
Ingrid Simone Kelly
Lilly Kelly (19)
Mary Francis Kelly (28)
Ricardo McDonal Kelly
Terrence Eric Kelly
Angela Rochelle Kelso
Jermaine Kelson
Cynthia Kempf
Carrie Lea Kendall (9)
Keith Lamont Kendall
Montel Adrian Kendall
Theodore Dewayne Kendley (19)
Alexis M. Kennedy
Ashli P. Kennedy
Brian H. Kennedy
Gregory Warren Kennedy (18)
Jeffrey Alan Kennedy (37)
P.O. John D. Kennedy
Kenneth Leroy Kennedy
Michael John Kennedy
Thomas J. Kennedy
Byron Kennerly (19)
Esme Kenney (13)
Kevin Keith Kent (20)
Larry Lee Kerns
Jodie M. Kesmodel
Courtney Renée Kessinger
Lena Kessler
Chad Ketchum (19)
Mark Steven Ketsenburg
Chaz Elan Kettner
Dillon Ray Keyes
Terry Kicinski
Annette M. Kidd
Naomi Kidder
Laurence Kidson
Natali Kiehle (31)
Nakia Kiel
John Kielkiewicz (19)
Larry Kiepert (13)
Michael Kierstead
John Kilman
Melinda R. Kimball (28)
Danny Michael Kimbrough
Lisa Marie Kimmell
Shelly Kohoyda Kimmick
Arthur Kiyoshi Kimura
Larry Paul Kincer (20)
Patrick Stephen Kincer
Melinda Kindall (28)
Allan T. King
Brandon Gerard ‘Pooh’ King (19)
David Kristin King
Daniel 'Dan' King
Eric King
Torrey Ross King
Kinsley Raelynn Kinner  
Ronald ‘Jay’ Kinzer, Jr.
David Lysle Kiper
John E. Kippert, Jr. (33)
Jeanette Ranee Kirby
Kim Marie Kirchhoff
Debbie Kirk
Heather Lyn Kirk
Todd Michael Kirker
Michele Lynn Kirkhoven
Dwana L. Kirkland
Laura Lee Kirksey
Robin E. Kirven (36)
Tibor John Kiss, Jr.
Carol Sue Klaber
Daniel Klagsbrun
Jennifer Jean Klapper
Christine Marie Klebbe
Paul Aaron Klein
Jeremiah Jeffrey Kleiss (22)
Ronald Kleker (25)
Chad Kline (19)
Melissa Marie Kline (25)
Vicki Dianne Kline
Inga Irene Klinger (16)
Michelle Hart Klinger
Dieter F.W. Kloeckener
Matthew Kloer (17)
Marty Klozik
Richard Dwayne Klutz
Robert Knapke
Stacy Rene Knappenbeger
Lindsey Leean Knight
Janet Patrice Knobloch
Brad Knoll
Brenda Gray Knost
Lisa Knott (20)
David Knowles
Andre D. Knuckles, Jr. (18)
Kelly Gene Knudson
Karen Lynn Knupp
Jennifer Ann Knutson (17)
Kristie L. Kobs (21)
Ronald Gregory Koch
Brandt M. Koehler
Robert Scott Koeppel
Todd Koester (21)
Kathleen Mary Kohm
Marc Alan Kohn
Robin Nikole Kohn (23)
Leo Daniel Kohorst
Timothy James Kolleda
Jason Kollmann (22)
Rachael Ann Koloroutis (18)
Michael ‘Mikki’ Koontz (19)
Jeff D. Koop
Tammy Elaine Crossley Koper
Michelle Korfman
Maria Luisa Kortekaas
Mark E. Kosmoski (18)
Rebecca Koster (24)
Lori Em Kotzbauer-Hayes
Angelique ‘Angel’ Kovac (19)
Cassandra Kovack (28)
Danielle Ann Kovacic (19)
Jennifer Koverman
David Alan Kozelka
Scott Walter Koziol
Kathleen l. Kraebel
Robert J. Krahn (40)
Jeffrey J. Kramer, Jr.
Jennifer Ann Kramer
Thomas Gregory Kranz
Bradley Steven Krause, Jr.
Deborah Ann Kravitz
Jay Matthew Krawsky
Rhonda (Schmidt) Krehbiel (36)
Lonnie Krehmeyer
Kent Kretsinger
Emily Jennifer Krevi (34)
Michele Renae Kriezel
Timothy J. Krimm
Tina Marie Kristynik (19)
Stacy Marie Kroner (17)
Dawn Elizabeth Kruk
David Krulewicz
Stephanie Michelle Krumnow
Anthony 'Sonny' Krzesinski
Robert M. Kubecka
Jake Kudia
Joel D. Kudym
Tpr. John Kugelman, I.S.P.
Ernest A. Kuhn
William J. Kuhn III
Kerry Jason Kujawa (20)
Terrence 'Terry' M. Kurtz
Jason Patrick Kyger
Mark H. Kyger
Jesse David Kyle

Terry Renee Robbins LaBounty (35)
Autumn Rain Laboy (5-1/2 Wks)
Roland LaBranche
Anthony Elliott Lacey (23)
Joanne Lacey (42)
John Paul Lacey
Alexander Lachette
Amy Lynn Lackett (31)
Jason R. LaCroix
Oliver Lacy
Tammy Welch Lagow
Katherine A. Lahtonen
Michelle N. Lai
William A. Lale
Margaret Kathleen Lalor (20)
Sandra Lamb
Gary Jay Lambert
Pamela Elizabeth LaMoreaux
Jeffrey LaMothe
Paul Anthony LaMothe
Thomas Edward Lamp, Sr.
Murray A. Lamphear (46)
Bernard Seth Lancaster
Kathleen Lancaster
Aaron Jay Land
Fernando Landeros
Santos Landeros
Lianne Lando
Elvin Landrum (43)
Rhonda Lynn Landry (37)
Joseph Harold Landsaw
Craig R. 'Buddy' Lane (17)
James Lee Lane
Tom Cornelius 'TC' Lane, Jr.
Michelle M. Lang-Klotz (32)
Patricia Ann Lange
Gina Marie Langevin
John Julius Langkand
Cindy Wilson Langlois
Richard Langosh (26)
Melvin R. Langowski
Thomas F. Langton
Jacob Langworthy
Beverly June Lanham
Lori Lansford
Patricia Alice Lanza
Mary Lapos-Altmiller
Kyle Lappas (17 Mo)
Gerald Anthony Lara
Mike M. Lara
Gayle Larkin (30)
Robert Allen Larkin
Sherry Kay Larman (26)
Linda Lee Larsen (37)
Kirk Matthew Larson (24)
Kristine Larson (19)
Kimberly A. Larson-Reames
Jane Larson (64)
Richard G. Larson (63)
Vicki Larson (10)
Cynthia Day LaRue (29)
Douglas E. Lash
Shane Curtis Lashly (20)
Monique LaSuer (26)
James Latham Jr.
Stanley P. Latham, Jr.
Andrew Alexander Latta
Donna A. Lauria (18)
Stephen James Lauritano
Kristin Ann Laurite (25)
Lee Danae Laursen
Rick Lavarnway
Veronica Paige 'Daehnke' Lavigne
Maureen Lavin (14)
Kimberely Dianne LaVine (27)
Michael Gordon LaVine (47)
Kenneth 'Kenny' LaViolette
Michelle Lawler
Gregory Alan Lawrence
Leniere DeShaun Lawrence
Victor LaMont Lawrence
Zenith Lawrence
Aaron Jay Laws
Kenneth Wayne Laws
Kimberley Laws
Justin Theiss Lawson (18)
Robin D. Lawson
William 'Mike' Lawson
Andrew G. Lazan
Jerome Charles Lea
Cory Leach (5 Mo)
Raymond R. Leach
Jarrica ‘JJ’ Leak
Sean Maurice Leak
Sean Richard Leaker
John Patrick Leary
Mark Anthony Leath
Aaron Lamont Leatherwood
Garry Burton Leatherwood
Nicholas LeBrasser
Shawn Adair Leckenby (33)
Derold Garry Ledford
Mark Eugene Ledford
Rachel Ann Ledford
Stephanie Lynne Le Doux
Robert Allen 'Mickey' Ledwell
Alex Milstead Lee
Angela Kristin Lee
Kristie Lynn Gunderson Lee (20)
Daniel Steven Lee (18)
Denise Amber Lee (21)
Gerald M. 'Jerry' Lee
Rodney Lee, Jr. (14)
Trumain Maurice Lee
Jayne Marie Leebrick (33)
David LeFever
Gregory Lefevre
Randy Dean LeForce
Dolores Ann LeGault
Fred James Leglar
Dale Wayne Yanda LeGrand
Matthew Lehmann
David Paul Lehnert (23)
Leon Lehrner (77)
Alicia Deanne Leibenguth (22)
Larry G. Leigh-Gossett
Dawn C. Leighton (34)
Robert Michael Leitch
Khalil Aasim Leite
Richard Dameco Lellar (25)
Robert Christopher 'Chris' Leming
Ivan Leon
Miguel Angel Leon-Fregoso (27)
Curtis Leonard (39)
Kathy Leonard (38)
Teresa M. Leonard (28)
Thomas Michael Leonard
Travis Leroy Leonard
Robert Leonardo, Sr. (59)
Janet Marie Leonhardt (20)
Melvin Leraas
Nancy Leslie
Janice A. Lesnau
Paul F. Lesnick
Carlton Stanley Lester (16)
Lynn Donald Lettley
Aaron S. Levenson
Howard A. Levey (40)
Brenda Alice Levy
Chandra Levy (24)
Alvin Lewis, Jr.
Cassius Lewis
James Craig Lewis
Kenneth J. Lewis
Linda Rachele Lewis
Michael A. Lewis
Michael Ray Lewis
Scott Jonathan Lewis (21)
Tonya Lewis
Paul R. Leyvas Jr.
Christina M. Libres-McNeil (3)
Lauren Lichon (23)
Devon Freeman Liddell
Ezra C. Likely, Jr.
Oscar Linarte
Vernon Linderman
Lamar L. Lindsey (22)
PFC Randall Scott Lindsey (21)
Murray Lipkin
Charles Lippencott (34)
Bertram Lipton
Gloria Lira
Joann V. Liscombe
Bill Little (18)
Robert Little
Rosemarie Little
Summer Ann Little
Alan Charles Littman
Greg Litwin
Terrie Marion Lizotte
Judy Elizabeth Lloyd
Marque Edwin Loach
Gerald Franklin Loar
Sheri L. Lobeck
Gregory W. Lock
Tonya Malynn Loeder
Diane T. Loewen
Christiane Lofthus (20) & unborn son
Robert Loftman
Andrew Lofton
Christopher Loftus
Trina Marie Logan
Tamara Sue 'Tammy' Lohr (24)
Robert Lewis Lombardo III
Charles A. London
Dorothy M. London
Michael J. Londonio, Jr.
Paul Edward Londono
Anna Marie Newman Long
James Long
Lia Lianne Long (16)
Lisa Long (16)
Loretta Lynn Long (Pryor)
Maurice Long (36)
Nicholas Lee Long (4 Mo)
Terry Long (26)
Tiffany Nicole Long (10)
Zelma Long
Kristie Amanda Long-Johnson (15)
Jawan Looney
Nichole Jarrard Lopatta
Bernard 'B.J.' G. Lopez, Jr. (18)
Carlos Lopez
Cheryl Chapman Lopez
Johnny Ray Lopez (19)
Richard Lopez (17)
William Arthur Lopez III (22)
Todd Stuart Loren
Brent Allen Lorentz (16)
Mariann Lorenz
Charles Edward Loring II
Michael Joseph Loughrey (29)
Jack Loutsios
Ashleigh Anne Love (19)
Daryl Love
Mary Jennifer Love (6)
Narsell Antonio Love
Shirley Jean Myers Love
Anthony 'Barry' Lovell-Hines
Richard Alan Lovill (54)
Brandon Lowder (30)
Christine Faye Lowe
James R. Lowe
Barry Marcel Lowery
Jade Lowery (4 Mo)
Dr. Preston Lowery
Alan Paul Lowrie
Aaron C. Loxley
Walter Lozano, Jr. (43)
Bryan James Lucas
Walter Frank Lukachinsky, Jr. (32)
Dustin Luke
Carlos Richard Luna
George Luna (39)
Miguel R. Luna, Jr.
Amber Elaine Lundgren
Sarina Ilsa Lurie
Barbara A. Lussier
Kofi R.W. Luster
John V. Luther
Anthony ‘Andy’ Luttress (21)
Carol Lynn Lutz
Randy Lutz (28)
Harold 'Skeeter' Lyeria
Michael John Lym (37)
Stephen Michael Lynch
Timothy Michael Lynch (19)
Jason Thomas ‘Farley’ Lyons
Raymone Pierre Lyons
Zachary James Lyons (4)

Martina Maassberg
Jeffrey Scott Mabry
Ronald Mabry
Katherine K. Macaulay (18)
Kevin Michael MacDonald
Michele MacDonald (40)
Sue Ellen Machemer (16)
Joseph Rene Macias (19)
Chauncey Latrell Mack
Kennith Jerome Mack
Rashay Macklin (29)
Michael R. MacLean
Rosemary MacMillan
Donald S. MacNaughton
David MacNeal
Craig W. Maddock
John Sullivan Maddox
Marcus 'Mark' Maddox (19)
Carl M. Madsen
Kali Maemanley
Richard Maes
Michael Curtis Magby, Sr.
Joy Michele Magdaleno
John Roscoe Magee
Arthur J. Maggio, Jr.
Susan Cathleen Magrudger
Jeanne Maguire (33)
Kevin Magwood
Ed Mahon
Fredrick A. 'Skip' Mahone
Gabe Bradford Mahoney
Richard James 'RJ' Mailloux, Jr.
Jennifer Maines
Ginneria Major
Edwin Maldinado (26)
John Maletsky (28)
Carrie Malloy-Bustillas
Gregory Philip Malnory (26)
Kimberly Ann Malnory (27)
Dale Malone
Aubrey Eugene Maloy
Matthew J. 'Bini' Maltaner
Thomas J. Maltese
Billy Mancine
Salvatore "Sam"
Salvatore "Sam" Mandacina
Leah Faye Mandell
Terri Renee Maness
Todd Manga (22)
Barbara Susan Mangiameli
Donald James Mangum
Ross J. Maniglia
Lori Ann Mann
Robert Harris Mann
Michael H. Manning (24)
Norma Manning
Richard C. Mantovani
Debbie Manzano (40)
Heather Nicole Maples (22)
Kathy Miller Maples (20)
Brian Mara
Grace M. Marcatante (16)
John M. Marcatante (11)
Justin Dale Marchant
Zachary Joseph Marco
Elizabeth Fay Mariani
Raul A. Marin II
Thomas Marin
Anthony William Maring
Robert R. Maringola, Jr.
Charles 'Charlie' Marino, Jr.
John C. Marinopoulos
Christopher Alan 'Kissyfur' Mark
Donald 'Donnie' Marker
Nicholas Markowitz (15)
John Long Marks
Omeia Marks
Taelor Joseph Marks (63)
Nick George Marovich
Jonathan Andrew Marquez-Dizon
Sara Marsceill
William R. Marscio
Catherine Anne Marsh
Alexus D. Marshall
Kenneth S. Marshall
Neal Marshall (4)
Schara Irene Marshall (14)
Perry A. Marston III
Kim Marie Martello
Patty Martenson
Austin Martin
Anthony Shane Martin
Curtis Martin
Cynthia Marie Martin
Edgar Lynch Martin
Edward David Martin
Joshua M. Martin
Kenyata Martin
Krista R. Martin (20)
Lucas D. Martin (30)
Monica Sue Martin (27)
Nicole Enderlin Martin
Raymond Martin II
Sean Michael Martin
Shawn Martin (29)
Brandy Martin-Meza (20)
Mollieann Michael Martin-Worden
Peter Martinelli, Sr.
Andrew C. Martinez (26)
Andrew "DJ Drew" Martinez
Angelo J. Martinez
Arthur Martinez III
Brad Martinez (21)
Christian Edward Martinez (16 Mo)
Christina Martinez (19)
Daniel James Martinez
Elisa Sue Martinez (17)
Gregory Ernest Martinez
Ivan Martinez
Jesse Ruben Martinez
Juan Martinez (28)
Melissa Marie Martinez
Richard Anthony Martinez
Rita Martinez (11)
Tomas Martinez (50)
Toni Martinez (48)
Valarie Dee Martinez (24)
Vincent Martinez
Magdalene 'Maggie' Martinez-Battise (23)
Sr. Joann Marie Mascha, OSU
Vito A. Masi (23)
Brian Chase Mason (15)
Lisa Mason (37)
Monica Lee Massaro
Amanda Massie (20)
Paul Robert Masters
Ryan Matthew Maszle
Anthony Matacia
Mark Matczynski
Betty Matheny (54)
Lisa Ann Mather
Michael Joseph Mathews
Amaree Gail Mathis
Mikel Mathis (24)
Sandra Lynn Mathys (22)
Shawn Matousek (24)
Dianne Cynthia Mattei
Vincent James Anthony Matteo
Anthony Matthews
Christopher Matthews
David Jerome Matthews
Ishmal Kamau Matthews (23)
Thomas E. Matthews (33)
Tom Matthews (34)
Viktor Alexander Matthey (7)
Marisa Maugert
Chad L. Maurer (19)
Celestino Mauricio, Jr.
Eric Maxwell
James A. Maxwell
Richard Maxwell
Donald Ray May
Jerry Wayne May
Shauna Catherine May (23)
William 'Billy' May, Jr.
Michael Lee Maybee
Cynthia Mayberry
Donald Mayer (50)
Gretchen Mayer (27)
Matthew Mayer
Matthew P. Maynard (23)
Anthony Ray Maynez
Betty A. Mays
Jeffrey Leon Mays
Ruby Yvette Mays
Clara Mazzizheli (54)
Billy McAdam
Marie McAdams (17)
Richard J. McBride
Wendy Nicole Dickens McCammom
Annie Malinchak McCann
Shaun Kevin McCarley (23)
Wendy, Scotty & Melanie McCarter
Timothy McCarthy (39)
Valerie Jeanne McCarthy (25)
Jay Dujuan McClain
Johnny K. McClelland
Michaela Nicole McClelland (11)
Martha A. McCleskey
Alphonse McClinton
Barry McClure
Mark Shane McClure
Derek O. McCombs
Alexander Lee McCowan
Allan ‘Red’ McCoy (29)
Leroy McCoy
Randall Paige McCoy
Donna McCracken
Jenifer Barrett McCrady
Kenneth Gaillard McCray (34)
Patricia Jane McCrary
Duncan James McCrea
Aubrey JaVia' McCreary
D’Mitri Vincent McCree
James McCruter (14)
Kyle R. McCullough
Kassandra McDaniel (23)
Andrew J. McDonald
Thomas Earl McDonald
Toddrick McDonald (18)
Walter Lee McDonald (26)
Jacob Arthur McDowell
Kenneth W. McDowell
Michael McEachern (17)
Gary Douglas McElya
Michelle Morgan McFadden
Richard D. McGann (21)
Randy C. McGhee
Lisa Marie McGhee Dickson (2)
Kevin Paul McGinley
Gary Wayne McGinty (29)
Brittany Danielle McGlone (19)
Gail Anne McGlothlin
Frank Joseph McGonigle
Cynthia McGowan (28)
Olivia Kathleen McGowan
Dion Patrick McGranahan
Steven A. McGrath
Cody McGraw (4)
Charlene McGraw-Zuelke (33)
Jason McHugh (28)
Maureen Rose McIlmurray (16)
Kimberley A. McIntosh
Malinda McIntosh (26)
Leonard McIntyre Jr.
Randall W. McIntyre (42)
Richard E. McIntyre, Jr.
Wardell McIntyre (44)
Colleen Diane McKay (28)
Amy Louise McKeever (28)
Kevin M. McKinley
Patrick Wyatt McKinley
Eric Brian McKinney
Forrest McKinney
Terence Michael McKinnon
William ‘Guy’ McKinzie
Joyce M. McLain (16)
Kathleen M. McLaughlin
Lauren Anne McLaughlin (21)
Carl McLaurin (14)
Matthew James Lord McLean
William H. McLean, Jr.
Theodore McMahan
Gregory McManes (40)
Martha Justice McMinn
Michael Todd McMullen (27)
Alfred 'Chad' McMurray (31)
Brian Gene McNamara
James Michael McNamara
Graham F. McNamee
Melvin McNeal II
Christina M. Libres McNeil
Glenn H. McPhatter, Jr. (25)
Stephanie McPhee-Moser (26)
John Jasper McPherson (35)
Tarsha Lasheek Mcpherson
Randy McPheters
Mark Anthony McQuade
Tod Edwin McQuaid (35)
Cynthia L. McQueen
Makyra McQueen
Jason McQuigan
Edward S. McQuown (30)
Joshua McSweeney
Timothy E. McVeigh (34)
Brent Allan Mead
Helen M. Meadows
Michael Alan Meadows (30)
Venus Dimilo Mebane-Marsh (28)
Randi Cieslewicz Mebruer (28)
Diana Medina (19)
Charles James Meece
Shandan Meeuwsen (19)
Ivory Jay Mefford
Gary L. Megason
Herbert E. Megason
Christopher Aaron Meldrum (20)
Ronald D. Melendez
Genevieve Nicole Mellas
Shannon Lynn Mellon
John P. Melna
Douglas Antione Melonson
Alison Joanna Meloy (28)
Donminico 'CoCo' Melton (35)
Rita Grace Melton (32)
James Melvin, Jr.
Paul A. Mendelsohn, M.D.
Stewart D. Mendelson
Elizabeth Gavlan Mendez (20)
Christi Mendoza (20)
Eric Mendoza (20)
Jose Mendoza, Jr. (6 Mo)
Margie Mendoza (19)
Ruben V. Mendoza
Christina Meng (22)
Vincent Peter Menitti (29)
Maryann Keegan Meola
Jessica Mera-Canty
Luis A. Mercado, Jr.
B.J. Mercer (16)
Christopher Charles Merchant
Kevin K. Merfeld
Kurt Alan Merkler
Kathleen, Marion, Helen Ann, &
Bill Merrigan
Jennifer Lynn Mesa
Stanley L. Mesarosh
Anthony David Mesi
Takara Messenger
Shaun Ryan Messimer (20)
Jesskia B. Messmer
Raymond Messerschmidt (35)
Joseph James Metych, Jr.
Paul B. Metz
Donald J. Meyer II
Edith ‘Pen’ Knight Meyer
Gene James Meyers
Lindsay Nicole Meyers (25)
Joshua R. Meyers (19)
Scott Darwin Michael
Terry H. Michael (43)
Michael Vincent Micheli
Adria Sue Michelson
Mark Mickendrow
Angela A. Mickley-Ellis
Arthur Moog Middleton (16)
Kenneth 'Kenny' Middleton (31)
Tryna Middleton
Carlos San Miguel, Jr. (35)
Michael Glenn Mihalik
Christopher Conan Milke (4)
Kenneth H. Millar, Jr.
Robert S. Millar
Rebecca Millard (12)
Wallace ‘Wally’ Henry Millard (39)
Amanda Marie Miller
Anthony Gregory Miller (7 Mo)
Arthur M. Miller
Brian Ray Miller (18)
David Bryan Miller (28)
Elizabeth Miller (33)
Issac Miller (14)
Jamie Lynn Miller (25)
Jason Arlan Miller (19)
Katherine Sue Miller
Kimberly Nicole Miller
Kurtus Ryan Miller
Meredith Ellen Miller
Michael Miller
Michaele Nannette Miller
Nicole 'Niki' Foster Miller (15)
Samuel C. Miller (12)
Sandie Miller
Sgt. William Donald Miller
Warren James Miller
William M. ‘Billy’ Miller II
Randall A. Millhoff
Keith David Millman
John Mills (28)
Laura J. Heaton Mills
Louis 'Laddie' Mills III (27)
Michael Wayne Mills (37)
Robert John Mills (14)
Robert Stephen Mills (19)
Robert E. ‘Bob’ Mills
Kenneth 'Kay Jay' Mills, Jr.
Kai Louis Milton
Vernon Eugene Milton
Daniel Anthony Mimbach (1)
Donna Doreen Mimbach (29)
John Allan Mimbach (12)
Todd Allan Mimbach (32)
Byungwoo Walter Min
Loyde Mincks (42)
William D. Miner, Jr.
Frankie Allan Minor
Marcerlean Jerome Mingle (25)
Salvatore Minichiello
Robert Minley (33)
Susan Nadine Minnick
Nelson John Minter (36)
Ezequiel Frankie Miramontez
Jaime 'Jimmy' Miranda (16)
Nancy Miranda-Beam
Carl Kunio Mirikitani II (33)
Michael P. Mirkovich, Jr. (30)
Hunter L. Misener
A. Earl Mitchell
Dawn Renee Mitchell
Gary T. Mitchell
Laurie L. Mitchell
Dr. Robin Lynn Mitchell
Michael H. Mitchell, Jr.
Ronnie Chris Mitchell (31)
Gerald Mituniewicz
Charles D. Mitchem
Marc Kanulii Miyasaki
Deborah S. Hernandez Moberg
Michael Frank Modica
Devin Michael Moen
Diana Gale Moffit (20)
Laura Jane Moffitt
Richard 'WIS' Mogensen
Fuad Moghrabi
Bryan Molina
Tina Marie Moll
Michael B. Monahan
Alan Mondel
Joseph Mondello
Sofia A. Mondidni (21)
Michael R. Monestere (16)
Melissa Monhollen
Michele Dawn Monnett
Angelita Francisca Montano
Rey “Tinty” Manuel Montano Jr.
Steven C. Montemarano
Diana Christina Montenegro
Britny Kiana Montgomery
Desiree Marie Montgomery
George Wesley Montgomery
Michael J. Montgomery, Jr.(33)
Timmothy Ray Moody (19)
Andrew Tan-Tai Moore
Brian C. Moore
Denise R. Moore (32)
Ellenraye Moore
Jade Harmony Moore
Jerone Daniel Moore
Jimmy Lee Moore
Juanita Ellis Moore (71)
Kyle Deonte Moore
Landen Moore
Lucille Moore (62)
Nicholas Robert Moore (22)
Rebecca Ann Moore
Robert Moore (22)
Sara Moore
Sheila Ann Moore (20)
Sonya L. Moore
Terry L. Moore
Charles Edward Moore, Jr. (40)
William Antwan Moorehead
Starr Lynn Mooren
Ray B. Mora
Antonio F. Morales
Stephen Morales (12)
Robert Morales (19)
Maria Barbara Morales (38)
Carlos Alberto Morales (35)
Octavio Rafael Carlin Morales (19)
Roberto V. Morales (19)
John V. Moran, Jr.
Richard Eugene Moran
George Morber (81)
Tim Moreau (21)
Edith Morehead
Danatta Moreland
Kelab K. Moreland
Lauren Moreno (16 mo)
Linda K. Moreno
Mario Moreno
Yvette Nicole Moreno
Russell K. Moreton
Richard Carmen Moretti
Ruben Morfinq (13)
Desiree' Morgan (17)
Phillip Charles Morgan
Gerald Moriarty, Jr.
Maximilian J. Morin (21)
Benjamin Liam Morris (Rader)
Brandon Morris
Cynthia Lee 'Cyndi' Morris
Dorothy Priscilla Morris-Geister
Nicole R. Morris
Paula Charlene Morris
Renne Lyn & unborn son, Noah Daniel Morris
Bryant Edward Morris
Alexis Shay Morris
Johnathan Andrew Morris
Ronda R. Morrison
Kenneth P. Morrissey
Anne E. Soehner Morse
Clifton John Morse
Wayne Robert Mortak
Brenda Kay Mortenson
Gregory C. Morter
Virgil D. Mortimer
Cedric D. Morton
Guy Oliver Morton
Sherry A. Morton
Kendall Gerald Moseley
Danny Moser (27)
James Moser (22)
Lysa Beth Moser
Anthony Wayne Moses
Billy Mosher
Michael Mosley
Nicole Lynn Mosley
Brando Mosquera
Theresa R. Moss
Nicole 'Coco' Lee Mosser
John Paul Most
Joseph Peter Motto
Keith Mousalam
Rose V. Mower
Christopher Moyer (7 Mo)
Scott A. Moyer, Sr.
William F. 'Skip' Moyer (37)
Michele Lea Mueller
Jennifer Muhic (19)
Mindy Jo Mull (19)
Edward Joseph Mullan
Dianne I. Mullennex
Bethany Anne Muller
Sean Mulligan
Anthony 'Tony' Mullins
Ross Arnopp Munday
Jerome Joseph Muniz (18)
Cynthia Marie Munoz
Genevieve Nicole Munoz
Nicholas Giberto Munoz
Ricardo Valentin Munoz (21)
Tara Rose Munsey (16)
Mark David Munson (26)
Mike Murillo (18)
Devyn J. Murphy
Donnie ‘Donald’ Lee Murphy
Patty 'Bove' Murphy(41)
Roger Paul Murphy
Ronda Renee Murphy
Timothy G. Murphy
Trina M. Murphy (32)
Coty Lee Murray
Earl Murray IV
Everett Sylvester Murray II
Marques Murray
Pamela Michelle Murray
Karen Ann Muscovitz (27)
Jonathan Leslie Musick
Wanda Lynn Musk
Michael J. Myers
Peter Alexander Myers
Tom Myers (29)

Ronald Nelson Naegel
Hani Gorial Naemi
Theresa Venezia Nagatori
Michael K. Nagel (40)
Brandon Shane Naill (22)
Robert Allen Nannery (32)
Jenna Nacole Nannetti
Robert Jude Nanni
Joshua Napier
Mario Alonzo Napolitano
Robert Napolitano, Jr.
Martin John Narvaiz (32)
Vincent Adam Nasca
Evan Stratton Nash
Joe Michael Nash
Joseph Patrick Nash

Bijan M. Nassirdaftari (17)
Douglas R. Naumann
Walter Stephen Nawrocki
Ashanti Naylor
Kurosh Naylor (27)
Charles Naywert
Bleu A. Nazario
Carmen Ursula Nazario
Tiny Earlene Neagley (33)
Carole Neal (31)
Gene Neal
Jarred Kade Neal (3)
John Neal
John Bolton Neal (19)
Sandy Neaves
Sherri Lynn Neeley
Carla Suzanne Adams Neely (26)
Maureen G. Negus
William Dean Neidlinger, Jr.
Debbi Neidrauer
Steven Neighbors
Lacey Amber Neill (17)
Richard Nellons
Starlain Neloms, Jr.
Alison L. Nelson (25)
David Nelson
Felice G. Nelson (41)
Glenda Lou Nelson
James Russel Nelson
Juanita Jean Nelson
Joshua Allen Nelson (11)
Mark Joseph Nelson
Peter Nelson (25)
Thomas Robert Nelson
Katy Nesbit (16)
Christopher David Ness
James M. Nestor
Nyesha Nettles (19)
Thomas J. Neu, Jr.
Steve Bryon Newberry
Barry L. Newhouse, Jr.
Michael Lehman Newhouse (18)
Donte Newman
Dylan Porkchop Newman
Richard Brian Newport
Arthur E. Newton
Ernest Richard Newton
Gina Lee Newton
Megan Patricia Neylon (16)
Jeanine Nicarico
Ismael Jesus Nicasio (20)
William D. Nichell
Debra Ann Nicholas
Marsalee Ann Nicholas
Peter Dodd Nichols (24)
Tasha Latrice Nichols
Greg Nickel
Etta Nickens
William Nicola (29)
Heather Nicole (Nikki) Weed (18)
Abigail SanSum Niebauer
Tanya Mynyette Niebel
Stephen Paul Nieman
Lorraine Jean Nieri (23)
Corina 'Corey' Nies
Mickey David Niles
Jonathan Michael Nix (10 Mo)
Trey Allen Noah (20)
Elaine McLaughlin Noble
Leslie Elizabeth Noble (33)
Brieana Noe
Arthur B. Nolan III
Laurie Jean Nolan
William M. Norbits
Brady Jay Norris (10)
Christopher Alan Norris (25)
Derek Christian Norris
Ed (41) & Lisa Norris (Birth)
Janet Lee Norris
Steven Scott Norris (34)
Coni Jean Norton
Bradley Syd Norwood
Germaine Norwood (16)
Robert John Norwood
Ret MSG Ruben W. Norwood (49)
Cindy Nostrant
Walter 'Scott' Notheis
Mark Novatak
Robyn Gayle Novick (30)
Sebastian Nowak-Tocco
Ilya Nudmanov (27)
Beth Nunamaker
Kari Ann Nunemaker
Richard M. Nunez
Kim M. Nunnery (32)
Ranae Ann Ajero Nurrenbrock (38)
Gertrude Nussel
Emeka Nwavueze (20)
David Charles Nystrom (34)

Danny O’Brien
Devin O'Brien (20)
Justin M. O'Brien (23)
Victoria Rose O’Brien
Colleen O’Connell (27)
Christopher O’Conner
Geneva Ann O’Dell (31)
Andrea Louise O’Donnell (27)
Cathleen O’Donnell
Danny O’Donnell
Michael S. O'Donnell (28)
Darin J. Oellerich (24)
Michael Sean O’Fallon
Wendy Jo Offredo
Arlene Melissa Ogden (34)
Chyenne Ellizabeth Ogert (22 Mo)
Kenneth Kevin Ogert (5)
Sharon Christine Ogert (26)
Raymond Ogle
Bernard C. O’Halloran
Jose Ojeda Michelle O’Keefe (18)
Oklahoma Bombing Victims
Jeffery Allen Ola
Phillip A. Fultz Old
Charles Oldham
Alida Olenius
Kristopher Eric John Olinger (17)
Karen Synarski Olive
Elizabeth Ann Olivencia
Frank Thomas Olivieri (26)
Gail Anne Olsen
Trent R. Olsen
Bret Olson (25)
Diane Kathryn Olson (27)
Mary Lauren Olson
Shelena Skye Olson
Jacques Olverson
Keenan Andre’ O’Mailia (6)
Cherly O’Malley (35)
Claude O’Neal
Jennifer Suzanne O’Neal (27)
Patricia Ann O’Neil
Sharon O’Neill
Michael T. Onodera
Angel Rodrigo Orcutt
Lisa Marie O'Reilly
Henri Jay Orman
Michael B. Ornelas
Isaac Orosco (21)
Jesus David Orozco (21)
James Orrender
Odell Junior Orrender
Lorraine Ortega (23)
Ricardo Esteban Ortega (29)
Rene Ortega (28)
Eugene Anthony Oritz (34)
John David Ortiz (24)
Ramon Jay Ortiz
Timothy Orydzuk
Todd Michael Wribel Osbon (17)
Diana Sue (Susie) Osborne
Jennie Mae Osborne (15)
Stephan ONeil Osborne
Shanna Mary Osmonson(24)
Jamee O'Shasky (23)
Tanner O'Shasky (2 Mo)
Francis X. O’Shea
Karen Elizabeth Osmun
Ryan Andrew Osolin (19)
Gregory Alan Osterhoudt
Robert 'Robby' D. Osterloh (36)
Robin Ostrowski
Troy Ostrowski
Carla Jo Otto (13)
Carmen Joy Otto (10)
Shaun Reni Ouillette
Ashley Erin Ouellette (15)
Lynn Marie Oust
Allan R. Owens II (17)
Erwin Dale Owens
Herschel Kareem Owens
James T. Owens (20)
Merideth Bennard Owens
Tommy Owens (19)
Clifford Owensby, Jr.
James David Oxley

Joshua Pacheco (4)
Joan Ellen Pace (36)
Tamara Ann Pack
Jeffrey B. Packard (35)
Cassandra Jean Paden (5)
John Padgett (33)
Roy H. Padilla (37)
Arturo Pagan (28)
David Page (18)
Joseph Pagillo
Woodrow Thomas Pair, Jr.
Nancy Lee Paiva
Brian Nick Palacio
Arnaldo Gregorio Palacios
Danae Palermo (17)
Michael Paul Palmer (26)
Amanda Marie Palomo
Hosanna Kim Pandelios
Roxanne S. 'Aleman' Pandrea
Yolanda Panek (21)
Albert R. Pannell, Jr.
Nicole Pantaleano
Nicholas R. Pappas
Charles Parge (32)
Margaret E. ‘Peggy’ Park
Aaron Christopher Parker (21)
Carolyn Annette Parker (33)
Cassandra Renee Parker (13)
David F. Parker (27)
Deshawn Omar Parker
Donita Parker
Gail Renee Parker
Gary Allan Parker
Kendall Sue Parker (22)
LaShonda Marie Parker
Laura Ann Parker
Lori June Parker
Nicole Parker (8)
Robin Chamagne Parker
Sharon Rae Parker
Rose Parkison
Betsy Rosenberg Parks (24)
Adrian William Parlette
Blair Parnham (26)
James Paul Parnham, Jr.
James Robert Parola
Elon Parrish (24)
Larry Keith Parrish
Joshua Parsons
Mark Partenach
Susanmarie Pascale (26)
James Brown Paschal (20)
Jason Lars Pasker (22)
Margaret Anne Passaro
Luis Miguel Pastor-Gallegos (18)
Nickolas Pastore
Michael Pastroumas
John Pate (20)
Jenna Kay Patek (19)
Eugene Cruz Patino
Megan Erin Patenaude (25)
Heidi R. Patnaude-Padeiro
Bridget Patrick
Ross Edward Patrick
Michael Patten
Jeffrey Armstong Patterson (20)
Joel Patterson
Kieron Kevin Patterson (18)
Tyrone T. Patterson
Brian Seth Pattison (21)
Shequell Patton
Kiersa Alexandra Paul (24)
Nicole Marie Paul
Susan Marie Paul
Dale Richard Pavey
Eric Anthony Pavilionis
Cynthia A. Payne
Eric Payne (31)
Stacy Lynn Payne
Anthony Brett Payton
Omar V. Paz, Jr. (29)
Deborah Chabot Peacock
Amory Joe ‘A.J.’ Pearce
Dayne W. Pearce (29)
Jesse Pearson, Jr.
John Robert Pearson (17)
Bryan Allen Peck (20)
Kent Rushel Peck II
David Peet (19)
Robert Peguero, Jr. (25)
Jesse Harris Pejko
Lisa Ann Pekas
Kevin Pelcha
Helen Pelham
Richard Pelham
Joseph 'Pelle' Pellegrini
Andy Pellegrino Rachel Pendray
Toni Penner (20)
Michael W. Peoples
Rick Pepe (36)
Charles 'Ragu' Pepitone
Charlie Peralta
Roger Michael Pereida (29)
Gregg Peretz (32)
Lisa Novak Peretz (32)
Juan & Jose Perez
Mary Bea Perez
Alex Pereze
Davon Perkins
Lauralee B. Perkins
Michael A. Perkins
Randall C. Perkins (20)
Spencer Perkins (21)
Marianne V. Perlick
Edward Neal Perlmutter
Marc J. Perlow
Kyleigh Perot (2)
James ‘J.D.’ Davis Perry (30)
Robert Joseph Perry (20)
William Jeffrey Perry (24)
Lou Perryman (67)
Julie Carol Person
James Robert Perzo
Paul David Perzo
Shana Lynn Pesheck
Anthony Joseph Pesta
Lamar 'Charlie' Peterman
Mary Futrill Petersen
Clay Burton Peterson
Krystal Lee Peterson (18)
Josie Grace Peterson (17)
William L. Peterson
Zackrey James Peterson
Randy Petitti
Leo J. Petrosky
Steven 'Dee Wee' Petrykowski
Charles L. Pettey III
James Michael Petty, Jr. (34)
Robert 'Ryan' Petty
Thomas Pfaff (25)
Tara M. Pfarrer (27)
Kenneth W. Pfeifer, Jr.
Robert Pfeifer
Christine April Pham-Banh
Ronald Phaneuf
Anna Marie Phelps (18)
Paige Conner Phenis
James William Phenneger
Bobby Phillips (26)
Brenda Kaye Phillips
David Phillips (19)
Da’jainae Phillips
Dean Scott Phillips
Gary O’Neil Phillips, Jr.
Joseph W. Phillips
Otis James Phillips
Rachel Elizabeth Phillips
Stephanie Ann Phillips (20)
Tonya Lynn Phillips-Wilkerson
Todd Michael Pianowski
Michael Sean Piazza (32)
Seanan Picard
Johanna T. Piccirelli (55)
Earnest Pickett, Jr.
Kendrick H. Pickens
Aaron T. Pickering (23)
William Douglas Pickering
William Scott Pickett
P.O. Robert H. Pickwick
Jose Antonio Pico 'Tony'
James J. Picollo
Michel Piecha
Donald V. Pierce, Jr. (39)
Irene Robin Booker Pierce
Kenneth L. Pierce
Robbie Pierce
Troy Joseph Pierce
William O. Pierce (37)
Janet Bosotina Pierro
Janek P. Pietrzak (24)
Quiana F. Jenkins-Pietrzak (26)
Jennifer M. Pike (18)
Baby Angel Pike (7 weeks)
Melvin Jared Pina
Ida Marie Pinder (31)
Charlotte Pinder-Banks (55)
Daniel R. Pinedo
Kevin Wayne Pinette (22)
Timothy Scott Pinkham, Jr.
Chico Pinson-Woodson
John Paul Pinto
Delena Piper (34)
James Alanson Piper
Marcia Kay Piotter
James Pirollo (51)
Barbara Gallagher Pisani
Joseph Peter Pistone
Anthony Terrell Pittman (30)
Douglas A. Pittman
Joseph Garretson Pittman, Jr. (42)
Lyle Pittman
Chad Pitts (17)
John A. Pius
Marcus George Pizano
Curtis Blaine Pizinger (20)
Laura Sue Pizzini (25)
Lamont E. Plain
Kayleigh Marie Plamondon
Lakeshia D. Player
Dana Marie Pliakas (17)
Matthew S. Plummer
Terrence E. Plummer
Eric Plunkett (19)
Michele Poche
Ray Podell
Raymond H. Podell
Gloria Evett Pointer
Dana Kay Polanco (1)
Clark E. Poldervaart
Linda Tuin Poll (31)
Joyce Pollard (43)
Sherry Lynn Pollard
Jacquelyn M. Polomaine
Anthony Jackson Pompelio
Karen Ann Pomroy
Amber Rose Pond
Kenneth J. Ponzio (30)
J.I.P. Poole
William Brent Poole
Katherine L. Poor (40)
Jennifer Marie Popa
Julie Anne Popovich
Syann Rain Portales
David Allen Porter, Jr. (22)
DeAnna Fay Porter
Steven Richard Porter
Willie D. Porter
David Russell Portmore
Lavaster Posey
Preston D’Juan Posey
Stephen ‘Chip’ Post (20)
Hakeem Postell
Becky Potter (35)
Lisa Marie Potter (27)
David Michael Pottinger (28)
Linda Dumas Poulin
Aerivna Powell (2)
Carmen Louise Powell (1)
Debra Powell
Delvin Earl Powell
Ivan Sinclair Powell (18)
Lester C. Powell (21)
Melik E. Powell
Sean Austin Maacks Powell
Jeremy S. Powers (20)
Julia Lynn Powers
Carlos Andres Prado
Melissa Ann 'Missy' Praetz
Michael Ray Prater
Roger ‘Butch’ Pratt (22)
Jamar Prattis (20)
Richard Bruce Preen
Kirsten L. Prescott (25)
Keith Alexander Pressley
Jacqueline E. Preston
King Preston
Hoke Lane Prevette, Jr.
David Lee Price
Gregory Alan Price
Stacy LaShawn Price
Vaughn M. Price
Vern Lee Price
Princess Pierce Pridgen
Joseph Priestley, Jr.
Chad Prikkel
Orlando M. Primmer, Sr. (24)
Michael Prisciandaro, Sr.
David E. Pritchett (19)
Karreem Yusuf-Abdulla Pritchett
Crystal Proctor
Deborah Ann Proctor (21)
Yahrou Proctor (18)
Anthony Prudhomme (21)
Lawrence Andre Prue
Jessica Ann Pruitt (19)
Karen J. Przekwas
Adam Puente
Dean Pueschel (26)
JoEllen Pueschel (30)
Craig Pugh (21)
Roxanne Pullen
Arnold 'Arnie' Pullin
Willie Lee Pulphus, Jr. (21)
Joesette E. Purcell
Richard A. Purman
Jeffery David Pursley
Rob Pursley (28)
Carol Putzell-Berryman
Alfonso Puyana, M.D.

Adell Qasem
Attef Qasem
Scott Quackenbush
Damanuel G. Quarles (27)
Ashley Erin Quellette
Arthur Samuel Quentmeyer, Sr.
Eric J. Quick (31)
Jeremie Benjamin Quiming (19)
Robert Quiroga
Naim Qussar

William Rabe (19)
Rita Sybil Rabalais 
Jeffrey J. Rabuska
Mark E. Racey
Heather Rademacher (21)
Randy 'Rad' Rademacher
Dolores Rael
Susan C. Radil (39)
Noel Edward Rafalko
Gabriel Alaura Raffinan
Amy Marie Ragan
Roberta Rovette Brown Raggs
William L. Raglan
Willie R. Raglan
Ronald G. Ragland, Jr.
Robert 'Butch' Rago, Jr. (32)
Albert N. Ragozzino
Dominick Ragucci
Kathleen Rainey
Kidambi Rajagobalan
Dianna McDevitt Ramirez
Ignacio Ramirez
Matthew Michael Ramirez (16)
Valencia Michelle Ramirez
Adrian C. Ramos
Rosalie Ann Ramos
Tanya Ramsdell
Danny Martin Ramsey, Sr.
Kathy Marie Ramsey
Jarves ‘Twon’ Rand (21)
Kyle ‘Joe’ Randall-Hachmester (18)
Martina Daniella Randell
Bill J. Raney
Karen Sue Range
Adrian Christopher Rangel
Jolissa Socorro Rangel
Anthony T. Ranieri
Teofilo ‘Terry’ D. Ranieri, Jr.
Leo Wayne Tokarz Rapp
Kimberly Ann Marie Rash
John Stephen Rasser
Anthony Ratburn
Regaina Maria Raver
Christopher David Ray
John David Ray
Justin Michael Ray (17)
Kimberly Lynn Ray
AC Michael James Ray
Rebbeca Leann Ray
Shawn Christopher Ray (20)
Daniela Raygoza (48)
Anthony Raygoza (21)
Brian Keith Raymond
Tammy S. Raymond
Lena Andrea Razo
John A. Re
Russell Eugene Reagan (24)
Kelly Ann Reber
Gary Lee Reck
Deonte' Lenard Redding
James J. Redman
Damion Reece (24)
John Stephen Reece
Marjorie Reece
Becky Reed (19)
Bridget Reed
James Reed (17)
Mark Reed (18)
Marvell Reed
Michael Reed (21)
Mindy Pearl Reed
Randy P. Reed
Rebecca Lynn Reed
Stacie Lynn Reed (16)
Tony Reed
Winston Reed
Rosetta 'Linda' Reeder(19)
Billy Reese
Danni Reese (Romig)(12)
Reginald LaKeith Reese
Teresa Tyann Joyner Reese
Eric Tyson Reeves
Peter C. Reiberger
Brian D. Reich
Michael Scott Reichert (36)
Adina 'Deed' Marie Reid
Darryl Reid
David Andrew Charles Reid (20)
Mark A. Reid
Michael James Reid
Samantha Reid (15)
Stacia 'Kay' Reilly
Shanna Reinman (3)
Catherine Reinschmidt
M Beth Reinschmidt-Engel
Mary Catherine Reker (15) &
Susanne Marie Reker (12)
Meghan Renee Renaud
Stacy Lane Reneau
Donette Renee
Paige Marie Renkoski (30)
Christopher James Renn
Kerri Michelle Johnson Repp (29) & unborn child
Allyn E. Rerucha
Cheryl Rae 'Enochs' Resch
Theodore Abramham Resnick (33)
Christopher S. Revels
Joshua Jason Rexford
Angela Amanda Reyes
Daniell Ynosente Castillo Reyes
Desiree Reyes (15)
Jose Reyes (35)
Ken Paul Reyes
Marcia Martinez Reyes (4)
Zaniyah Diane Reyes (2-1/2 Mo)
Ann Reynolds
Camille Aimée Stringfield Reynolds
Charles Edward Reynolds, Jr.
Deborah Sloan Reynolds
Janet M. Reynolds
Jeoffrey Emerson Reynolds
Michael Dale Reynolds
Monteresa A. Reynolds
Robert Dale Reynolds
Robin Lee Hewitt Reynolds (24)
Rodney Maurice Reynolds
Ronald Reynolds
Valencia Patrice Reynolds
Michael A. Ribaudo, Sr. (38)
Stephen Ribbing (57)
David Lamar Rice
Jayne Van Huss Rice
Jayne Ann Rice (43)
Jennifer Lynn Rice (23)
Lesley Elizabeth Rice (13)
Michael Richard Rice
Bert Rich
Billy L. Rich (34)
Tracy Marie Rich
Isaiah Richards
James David Richards
Marie Louise Richards
Robert C. Richards (28)
Randolph Regan Richards
Rodney Wayne Richards
Candace 'Candy' Richardson (25)
Daniel Todd Richardson (18)
Denise Richardson (25)
Damon Richardson (27)
Geraldine 'Jeri' Richardson
J. Braddock Richardson
Michael Ray Richardson
Simon Richardson
Tommy Richardson
Jacquelyn Jane Richbourg
James T. Richburg (36)
Candice Myesha Richie
Jeff Richmond (22)
Kelly James Richmond (29)
Shannon A. Richmond
Steven Richmond-Bey
Christine Rene Ricketts
Cynthia Lorraine Ricketts
Brooklyn Jean Ricks
Emily Carol Ridenour
Jessica Christine Ridgeway
Karl E. Ridley
Melanie Ilene Rieger
Patrick Eric Riesenberg (21)
Catherine Anne Rigsby
Skyler Jakeoby-Lynn Riker
Amie Riley
Bobara Lynn Riley (16)
James Francis Riley
Julia Ann Riley
Kate Elise Riley
Michael Richard Riley
Alfred F. Rincon (45)
Bryan Nathaniel Ring
Kristy Lorraine Ringler (19)
Lisa Rinker (18)
Ricky Rios (17)
Roger Rios (20)
Yvonne Rios
Walter E. Rish III
Rayna Rison
Andria Lynn Ritacco
Debora Bernhagen Ritacco
Jesse Lynn Ritchie II
Samantha R. Ritchie
Virginia A. Ritchie
Dean Ritenour
Denise Louise Ritts (27)
Lorna Lorett Ritz
Rafael Rivas II
Alexis Rivera
Albert Patrick Rivera (16)
Delia Rivera
Julian Rivera (24)
Rafael W. Rivera
Frank G. Rivera, Sr. (38)
Kirkland Michael Rizzuti
William David Roach
Robin Sue Roadcap
Jim Roback (31)
Adam Matthew Robbins (5 weeks)
Paul Ralph Rober, Jr.
Dorian Shea’ Roberson
Frank E. Roberson
Lin Dale Roberson
Chanel Roberts (18)
James Martin Roberts
Jerry Roberts
Kelsey Marie Roberts (11)
Loren Ray Robertson
Nia Renee Robertson
Robert Roberston (54)
Amy T. Robinson (19)
Anthony Ray Robinson
Blue Robinson
Brian Keith Robinson
Brinston Tyrone Robinson, Jr.
Darius Isaiah Robinson (17)
Dionious W. Robinson (20)
Eddie L. Robinson
George Robinson
Gerard Duriel Robinson (20)
Gregory Lavell Robinson (38)
Jacob Robinson (16)
Kay Lyn Robinson
Kimberly Deanne Robinson
Lamar D. Robinson
Paris Von-Keisler Robinson
Paul Ray Robinson
Terry Wayne Robinson
Theresa Robinson
Thomas D. Robinson (26)
Jesse Thomas Robledo (25)
Stefano Joseph Robotti (39)
Eric Ryan Roby
Garbiela Lopez Rocha (12)
Gilbert Aaron Rocha (25)
Dennis 'Denny' Steven Roche
Mary Kay Rock
Sharon Ann Rocker
Rodney Rockwell
Anastacio 'Jorge' Rodriguez
Aurelio 'Seth' Rodriguez (23)
Christopher Rodriguez (22)
David Rodriguez (19)
Ernest 'Ernie' Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez (26)
Martin Rodriguez
Michael A. Rodriguez, Jr.
Michael Anthony Rodriguez
Regina Francis Rodriquez (16)
Ricardo(Rick)Rodriguez (39)
Sean Thomas Rodriquez (16)
James Randall Roe
Austin Bryant Roebuck (16)
Chris Roesing
Anesia Janine Rogers
Barry Rogers
Charles ‘Boo’ Rogers
Christe Eugenia Rogers
Earl E. 'Gene' Rogers (62)
Jim Rogers
Joan Mae Rogers
Mary Ellen Shaw Rogers
Michelle Lee Rogers
Nelson J. Rojas
Richard T. Rojas (43)
Shirley Diane Rollins
Desiree Marie Roman (15)
Barbara Gaytan Romero
Ruben Anthony Romero (20)
Sara Lisa Romero
Charity Romo (29)
Jayne J. Romo
Renne Olubunmi Rondeau
Ronald Edward Rondeau
Jaqueline Ann Rook (21)
Harold V. Root (70)
Shawn Ryan 'Shawno' Root
Stephanie Ann Roper (22)
Victor Rosa (18)
Steven A. Rosati
Lori Ann Roscetti
LeeAndra Rosco (1)
Lisa Marie Rose
Renee Soussanna Rose
P.O. Richard B. Rose
Ryan Anthony Rose
Tara Rose (25)
Thomas Keith Rose
David W. Rosebury
Betsy P. Rosenberg (24)
Joni Shira Rosenblum
Steven Howard Rosenfeld
Scace D. Roshell
Andrea Lynne Ross
Brian Randall ‘Randy’ Ross (31)
Derrick Anthony Ross (27)
William O. Ross III
David Alan Roth (19)
Ernest Baruch Rothblatt
Dawn Rothwell
Michel Leo Rousseaux
Barbara Dianne Rowan
Barbara Salley Rowan
Brian Rowe
Michelle Micheletti Roy
Rasheed 'Chief' Jamal Roy (27)
Tina Roy
Rebecca 'LaRue' Rubalcava (20)
David Rubio
Kara Patricia Rudd (12)
Emily Rudig
Ryan Michael Rueda (23)
William ‘Chip’ Ruesewald (27)
William Joseph Ruff, Jr.
Roy Allen Herman Ruge
Douglas Ruggero
Felicia Nichole Ruiz
Marcos Ruiz (18)
Roberto ‘Bobby’ Ruiz, Jr.
Elizabeth Elaine Rumbaugh (29)
Alexis Jo Rumer
Joseph Robert Runge (18)
Matthew Paul Rupp
Cortney Rushwin
Brett Edward Russell
Dana J. Russell
Darren E. Russell
Eric C. Russell
Leslie Ann Russell
Richard Andrew Russell
Sean Russell
Steven A. Russell
Thomas Paul Russell
Angela Russo
Gabriella Russo (4)
Randy Arlin Russom
John Michael Ruzzene
Christopher J. Ryan (33)
Michael Joseph Ryan
Neil Kevin Ryan (24)
Scott A. Ryan (26)
A.K. Ryan, Jr. (17)
Robert Rydel

Tiffnay Saborin (13)
Karen Wiese Sadeghian
Stephanie J. Sady
Jacob Daniel Saenz
James Safreed
Donald Lee Sager (26)
Michael Robert Saindon
Catina Rose Salarno (18)
Marjorie Salazar (20)
Kendra Salazar (10 Mo)
Orlando Saldana (22)
Cyrus Salehi
Alycia Salerno (12)
Damien A. Salgado (15)
Dedra Pena Salinas
Julia Salminin (83)
Laura Lee Salmon
Dana Lee Salyer
Robert Marcos Samarripas
Tanya Rae Samora
Christopher Steven Sampson
Bonnie Sams
Meshia Lavette Samuel
Kamara Xymaca Samuels (26)
Kama Ellouise Sanburg (49)
P.O. Anthony W. Sanchez
Bryan Anthony Sanchez (16)
David Sanchez (20)
Jonathan David Sanchez (18)
Juan Guarionex Sanchez (21)
Nicole Sanchez
Stephen Michael Sanchez (20)
Stephania Ann Sanchez (17)
William J. 'Billy' Sanchez
Shauna Sandercock
Angela Marie Sanders
Brain Sanders
Christopher J. Sanders
Daryn T. Sanders, Jr.
Heather Elsie Sanders
Lisa Sanders
Scott O. Sanders (19)
Stuart Sanders
Charlene L. Sandlin
Andrew Sandoval
Steven J. Sandoval
Michael J. Sandy
Peter C. Sanelli, Sr. (59)
Ella Faye Reid Sanford
Shanika Sanford (18)
Carlos San Miguel, Jr.
Catherine Sue Sano
Todd Sanserverino (32)
Amy Elizabeth Santa Maria (28)
Sonya Lee Santiago
Rudolph 'Rook' A. Santiful, Jr.
Michael Santillan (19)
Nancy Santomero
Jamie Lynn Santos

Joseph Manuel Santoyo
Jeffery Alan Sarfin (28)
Michael Robert Sarniak, Sr. (48)
Shari Sarote
Michael Sarti (17)
Leonrad Sartori
Todd Aaron Sartorini (2)
Seth Saucier (4)
Larry W. Sauer
Michael A. Sauer (21)
Joseph Sauk
Charleen Ursula Saunders (13)
Susan Savage
Pamela Savino-Mascaro
Filippa Savoy
James J. Sawicki
Joni E. Sawyer
Estee’ Natasha Sawyerr
Andrea Sax (16)
Garry J. Saxton, Jr. (19)
Deborah Sayles (27)
Brandon R. Sazesh (30)
‘Alvie’ Alvin Ward Scales, II
Daniel F. Scales
William MacArthur Scandrick (43)
Vicki Ann Scarbello
Beth Ann Scarcliff (22)
Joseph Scarpa (23)
William D. Scates, Jr.
Joseph Scavone (30)
Lauri D. Schade
Kurt Peter Schaefer
Mark Roland Schafer (19)
Steven A. Schaffer
Jessica Schaffner
Thomas J. Scharf, Jr.
Debora Sue Schatz
Shaundra Schell-Murr
Michael Schembs (18)
Nicholas R. Scherling (13)
David Thomas ‘Bubba’ Schermer
Justin Schiefer
Jerry Schild (57)
Karen Schlegel
Lois Mary Schlottman (28)
Lois Marie Schmidt
Gregg Lee Schneibel
Timothy L. Scholfield
William Edward Scholl
Cindi Ann Schram (18)
Charles Christian Schramek
Carolyn Jean (Hodges) Schranz
Eric Schreiber (39)
Dail Lea Schroeder
Otto David Schrom III
Lee Ann Schubert (17) & child
Andrew Francis Schultz
Gerald J. Schultz
Sharon Ann Schultz (55)
Amy Rachelle Schulz
Jeffrey B. Schumacher
Jesse Schwab (20)
Brenda Lee Schwartz
Calvin Keith Schwarz, Jr. (28)
Justin Grant Unin Schwartz
Holly Sue Schwerzler
Michael John Scislo
Gayle Allison Scopin (25)
Tom Scotchie
David Benjamin Scott
Donny Scott (20)
Dwight Thomas Scott
Ellis Scott, Jr. (17)
John 'Snoopy' Scott, Jr.
Judith Y. Scott
Kathy Ann Scott
Kelli Scott
Lena M. Scott (25) & unborn child
Rebecca Jo Scott
Reggie J. Scott (20)
Keneshia Monique Scott-Diamond
Patricia Ann Scoville (28)
Sandra J. Scythes (29)
Gregory Steven ‘Stevie’ Seabolt (19)
Joseph Austin Seara
Anthony Lee Sears
Stacey Lynne Seaton
Cynthia Hoge Sedgwick (26)
Heidi Seeman
Judy Segarra (45)
Gale 'Skip' Seibert
Cheryl Weiner Seiden
Kerry Darrell Seifert
Ann Marie Selak (23)
Monica L. Seldon (30)
Winifred Anna Seler
David Lyman Self
Jeffrey S. Sell
Brandon Michael Selph
Randy C. Selzer
Elena Semander
Suzette Noel Seme
Stephen Eric Senator
Teresa Jean Senters
Luis Fernando Sequeira
Peter Nicholas Serrano
Steven Louis Serrano
Jodine E. Serrin
Judi Servantes
Amadou ‘Dou’ Abou Sette
Desiree’ Dawn Settlemire
Mary ‘Tink’ Severson (35)
Tony Sewell, Jr.
Jill Michelle Sexton
Ibn-Najee Shabazz
Joey Shadden
Amanda Dawn Shaffer
Khalid Shahid
Michael Shaifer
Sheryl M. Kessner Shalom
Tyler Shanabarger
Sheldon Robert James Shand (35)
Blair ‘Bear’ E. Shannon
Jeff Shapiro (27)
Tammi Jo Shappell
Shanda Renee Sharer
Christina 'Chrissy' Sharp
P.O. Charles H. Shaw
Jaamal Shaw
Jason Shaw (20)
Cory Lee Shcolnik (18)
Kathy Jo Reid Shearer
Leidy Sheeder-Bonanno (22)
Jacqueline Mary Sheehan
Aimee Sheets (23)
Jeffrey Erich Sheffield
Quenette Shehane
Ronald Lee Shellenbarger
Vicky L. Shelton (32)
Chuck Shepard (28)
Rodney Shepard
Jason Kyle Shephard
Hiedi Shepherd
Joseph H. Shepherd
Roy Wayne Shepherd, Jr.
Thomas Richard Shepherd, Jr.
Crystal Dawn 'Bell' Sheppard
Dale Wayne Sheppard
Kevin Patrick Sheppard
Stephanie M. Shipley
Rita Diana Sheret
Michael Joseph Sheridan
Rand Sheridan (40)
John Edward Sherman (41)
Mark Anthony Sherman (22)
Clifford Grant Sherrard III
Robin Latimore Sherrill
Ruth Shifrin
Lidia Shirazi (16)
John B. Shires (29)
Lisa Marie Shivak (27)
Amy Guerra Shockley
Casey Shoecraft
Christopher Shoecraft
Wallace Shoecraft, Jr.
Samijo Shoels (25)
Kevin Lloyd Shook
Shannon Shoop
Donald Lee Showman II (28)
Shrout Family
Jeffrey Shubin
Rev. Billy J. Shuler
Craig Howard Shults
Scott Herman Shults
Frank Foyaca Sibat
Anthony Sicard
Francisco Sicard
Brandon Cruz Sigala (27)
Robert Lewis Siedle 46
Evaristo 'Juny' Sierra (31)
Nikki Anyetta Silas (20)
Gary Silva (25)
Andre Trevor Silver
Isaiah Lamont Silver
Pierre Joseph 'PJ' Simard
Dwayne Anthony Simmons (24)
Patty J. Simon
Michael F. Simmons
Edward R. Simms
Janice Marie Mote Simms
Amanda Simpson
Antrone L. Simpson
James Calvin Simpson
Jimmy L. Simpson
Scott Allen Simpson
Stacy Sue Simpson
Timothy L. Simpson (27)
Wendell S. Simpson
Jimmy Welborn Sims
Randy Sims (21)
William John Sims
Daniel Singer (19)
Stevland 'STEVIE' Singleton (25)
Michael J. Sinopoli (20)
Denise Siotkowski
Michael R. Sirois
John H. Sisson, Jr.
Joshua Jay Skare
Douglas Alexander Skica
James Skinner, Jr.
Jonathan L. Skinner
Katherine 'Katy' Skinner
Sharon Skowronsky
Robert Skyles
Lynn Lea Slabaugh
Charles Edward 'CJ' Slade
Jack Slade
Daniel Joseph Slagle (47)
Frances Julia Slater
Lenny Slatest
Cassandra Marie Slaven
Steven Jay Sleizer
Buckit Sloan
Jett Jared Small (2)
Martin Lorenzo Small
Shawn Lamarr Small
Garland Alan Smay
Justin W. Smiley
Allen Montaine Smith (23)
Alton Smith III (24)
Andrea Lynn Smith
Bryan Keith Smith
C. Rita Smith
Cameron Stacy Smith
Carl Gibson Smith
Chad Allen Smith
Cindi Neal Sawyer Smith (32)
Clay Gordon Smith
Curtis D. Smith
Darrel Smith (56)
David Ainsley Smith
David Arnold Smith
Dean F. Smith
Deshawn Smith
Edward T. Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Emein M. Smith
Erica Heather Smith (14)
Guadalupe Albert Isaac Smith (16)
James Lucas Smith IV (19)
Jeanette Lee Smith
Jennifer Lynn Smith
Jessica Smith (20)
Jocelyn M. Smith
John Calvin Smith, Jr.
Johnie Smith, Jr.
Judith Ann Smith (40)
Julian Michael Smith, Jr.
Justin Michael Smith
Kendra Mercedes Smith
Kendyl Elizabeth Smith
Kevin Corwin 'K.C.' Smith
Kyle R. Smith
Michael Smith
Michael Blaine Smith
Michael James Smith
Miranda Jessica Smith (20)
Mister 'Pooh Bear' Smith
Patricia J. Smith
Raymond L. 'Ricky' Smith
Robyn Smith
Ruth A. Smith
Steven Shawn Smith
Tammy Renee Smith
Travis Duane Smith (19)
Terri Smith (23)
Tiona Katrice Smith
Todd M. Smith (43)
Varon Brown Smith III
Vicki Michelle Smith
Vinson Smith
Walker Lee Smith
Walter Smith (24)
William Shane Smith
Yolanda Smith (24)
Lucinda M Smithson
Lesley Sue Smitson
Bryan Murray Smythe
Michael Leon Sneed
David Thomas Snow, Jr.
John Snyder, Jr.
Theresa Snyder
Campbell Emanuel Sogot
Robert Sokol
Julie Ann Solaberry
Stephanie Sommers
Christopher Cronin Sony
Lisa C. Soria
Kevin Sorrell (27)
Michael Bruce Sortal
Djana Danelle Sosh (28)
Adam Leonel Soto
Aurash Sotovat-Ahmadi
Glenn M. Sousa
James Floyd Southall (29)
Laurence 'Larry' Souza
Michael J. Sowards
Mark Sowards
Ingrid Kurth Sowle
Lynn Rock Spandau
Frank 'Hank' Spangler
Rosa Antoninette Spaugh
William Stacy Speagle
Felicia N. Spears
Christine Marie Special
Tracee Spedden (21)
John O. Spence, Jr.
Rodney Spence (16)
Amber Renae Spencer (20)
David M. Spencer, Jr.
Julie Paige Spencer (22)
Dr. Laurie Miller Spencer
Tommy R. Spencer, Jr.
Willim Allen Spencer, Jr.
Joseph Spiers (27)
Herman David Spinner
Karen Ann Discher Spire
Joseph George Spitzman
Christopher Spivey (22)
Christopher Sprague
Adam Michael Spriggs (18)
Jimmy L. Spring II (39)
Dynell Springer
Dean Robert Springstube (10 Mo)
Jeffery M. Spurgin
Jesse Spurlock II
Michael F. Spurlock
Crystal Lynne St. Auburn
Pete Gerald St. George
Brent Edward St. John (45)
Ronald Edward St. John
John Lawrence St. Pierre
Bonnie L. Stadler
Sarah Nicole Stafford (17) &
baby girl Stafford
Kyle Lee Staheli
James Edgar Stahl
Jason Ray Stahl (28)
Deborah Lou Stallard
Jodi Angelina Stallions (17)
Dawn Arlene Stalnaker
Heather Stambaugh
Stephanie D. Stambler (19)
Jerilyn Mysonhimer Stanfield
Robert R. Stanford (21)
Jason Paul Stanley
Dennis James 'DJ' Stanton
David C. Staples
William E. 'Billy' Staples, Jr.
Chad Stapleton
Mark Starkey (21)
Curtis D. Starks
Dawntae Starks
Marcus F. Starks
Branden Starr (19)
Janice Lynn Starr
Joseph T. Starette
Anthony D. Staton
Robert 'Bobby' Staubitz (20)
Timothy O. Staunton
Amanda Teresa Stavik
Brent Charles Stavik
Wade Lamont Stears
Edith Steckel (74)
Blaine Steele (17)
Marcus K. Steele
Jaclyn Diane Steelman
Kyla St. Fort (12)
Stephen Kent Steinberger
Edward J. Steininger
Garrett Davis Steinly
John Jack Stella, Jr. (32)
Ronald Leon Stem
Alexis Brianne Stempien (22 Mo)
Ian Conover Stenhouse
Phillip R. Stenson (25)
Bobby Gene Stephens
Matthew Joseph Stephens
Michael Robert Stephens
Missy Broucker Stephens
Glenn Allen 'Glennie' Stepp
Tommie L. Steptoe III
Anthony Jay 'Tony' Stevens
John Ernest Stevens
Stevens Family
Detective Brian A. Stevenson, Jr. (37)
Howard King Stevenson
April M. Steward
Donta’ Regene Steward
Annita, Aaron & Shrone Stewart
Jason Allen Stewart (24)
John Stewart
Koron Abdul Stewart, Sr.
Melissa Fuchs Stewart
Sharon Lynn Stewart
Stephen Nelson Stewart
Tiara Vantina Stewart
Tracy Lea Stewart
Jason Eric Stief (20)
Danny Ray Stigers-Price (23)
Jennifer Louise Still (20)
MMFN USN Loye J. Stillabower
Todd Joseph Stima
Paul Albert Stinedurf
Carlos Dwayne Stinnett (37)
Dion Foster Stinson
Evan Andrew Stirewalt
John Stitt
Russell John Stiver (36)
Scot Stobaugh (22)
Brandon Michael Stock (26)
David Alan Stockman
William E. Stockwell (37)
John A. Stoddart
Stanley J. Stoehrer
Robert Allen Stogsdill
Christopher Michael Stogner (18)
Jeffrey Stokes
Catherine Stollmer (30)
Rahshann Stone (19)
Ann Stone (34)
Benjamin Eugene Stone
Robert Elmer Stone, Jr.(36)
Jesse John Stoner (18)
Ricky Lee Stoner I
Alisa L’Angelle Story
Lee R. Story
Chloey Ann Stoudt (7)
Andy, Chris, & Melanie Strange
Donna Jean Strange
Christopher Stranix
Ryan Straszheim
James M. Stratton
Lisa Anne Straub (20)
Mark Jeffrey Straube
Curtis Darrell Straughter
Diane C. Streetz
Ashley Meredith Streiter
William Joseph Streiter
Matthew Marc Strelow
Piper Jean Potts Streyle
Barry Strickland
Tina Lee Strickland
Todd M. Strickland (30)
Kimberly Ann Strickler (20)
Sandy Stringer
Stanley Strnad
Melissa Ann Stromek (27)
Latez Anthony Strong
Brittany Loy Strosnider (2)
Jessica Lynn Strosnider (3)
Lisa Gail Stubbs
Angela Jean Stufflebean
David L. Sturdy (30)
Albert Victor Sturrup III
Karen Lynn Styles
Mauricio Jonathan Suarez
Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry
Carol Sudweeks
Daphne Kristel Sulk (15)
& unborn child
Chuck Sullivan
Matthew G. Sullivan
Matthew J. Sullivan
Peter J. Sullivan
Steven Sullivan (24)
Susan 'McDonough' Sullivan
Robert 'Bobby' Suny (19)
James Henry Susen
Dr. Oscar Sussman
James ‘Nino’ Sustache
Milton L. Sutherland (24)
Ronald Douglas Sutter
Aaron Sutterby (23)
Tina E. Sutton
Jerald Eugene Svec
Allyson Fields Swanger
Daniel R. Swanson (26)
Jason Swanson
Jeffrey P. Swayman
Rick Carson Swaynie (21)
William 'Bill' Swearinger
Stephanie Helene Sweda (32)
Pamela S. Sweeney
Paul Dennis Sweeney
Andy Sweet
Aaron J. Swenson
Timothy Swick
Sanford K. Swift III (31)
Stephanie Ann Swift
Mark A. Switzer
Mark Arthur Switzer
Jill E. Swope-Hunter (24) & unborn son
James Scott Swoyer (23)
Deborah Brotherton Sykes
Tommie Lee Sykes
Felecia Synder (23)

Jaime Lee Taccetta (33)
Jeffrey W. Tackett
Nakita Seba Tackett (36)
Matthew E. Taggie (22)
Anthony Robert Taitt
Lisa Marie Talarico (38)
Charles Wayne Tallie (27)
Wayne Tallie
Eric James Tallman
Catherine Ann Tameny
Richard V. Tapia II (28)
Kevin Ray Tapp
Michael Tarasiuk
Thomas E. 'TomCat' Tarr, Jr.
Joseph Andrew Tarreto
Madeleine Azita Tavakolian
Howard Taylor
Jessica Marie Taylor
Kelley Serene Taylor
Lonnie Taylor Jr. (37)
Lori Ann Taylor
Stacy Lyn Taylor
Steven James Taylor
Travis L. Taylor
Vincent Taylor
J’Anna Marie Thompson Tebbs
H. Michael Tedrow
Rickie Teel (31)
William P. Tejada (17)
Rickie Teel
Ronda Lynn Fogarty Tello
Thomas 'Tommy' W. Telsio
Robert Temple
Gertie Templeton (64)
Nancy Ruth Templeton
B. Joseph Teneriello II
Charlotte M. Tenney
Charina Terrell
Judith Terrell (62)
David Andrew Terrizzi
Clairena Terry
Delta Danette Terry
Donny J. Terry, Jr.
Ewell 'David' Terry
Timothey Terry
Ronnie 'Rachel' Testa (39)
Monte Tewksbury (40)
Peter Lewis Therialt (51)
Carl ‘Dean’ Theriot (21)
Danny G. Thibodeau
Alan W. Thielmier
Melissa R. Thoma (26)
Adrian Ramon Thomas (23)
Angela Thomas (18)
Caitlin Marie Thomas (20)
Candace Lynn Thomas
Carl Thomas (23)
Dan M. Thomas
Danny Alvin Thomas (24)
Diane Marie Thomas (31)
Eliza Hope Thomas
John B. Thomas
Kelley Michelle Thomas (18)
Kevin Ray Thomas (22)
Kevin Thomas
Kim Ann Thomas (32)
La Mar Darnell Thomas (16)
Laurie Allison Thomas & unborn daughter
Robert Trent Thomas
Wilbur 'Stephanie' Thomas (19) &
Deon Davis Willie Thomas, Jr.
Harold Creighton Thomason
Benjamin Thompson
Brett William Thompson
Cheryl Kay Thompson (46)
Crystal Y. Thompson
Dale N. Thompson
Eugene E. Thompson
Frederick B. Thompson
Gary Lee Thompson
Gerald James Thompson
Jason Roussel Thompson (18)
Jazime Thompson (17)
Jennifer Neil Thompson
Lashan Thompson
Maurice L. Thompson, Jr.
Melissa T. Thompson (24)
Mickey Thompson
Saquan 'Say-Ke' Thompson (18)
Trudy Feller Thompson
Tyler Anthony Thompson (15)
Virginia Lee Thompson
Elodie Thornburg
Dawn Thornton (28)
Mark Anthony Thornton (16)
David M. Tieken
Cindy J. Tiemann
Jennifer Lynn Tierney
Chris Tiger
Randolph Tigler
Tamara Eve Tignor (23)
Brandon P. Tijerina
A. Kim Tilden (32)
Christine G. Tilghman (48)
Arthur Forrest Tillery, Jr.
Brian R. Tilley
Martel Tillman (3)
Ricky Timbrook (32)
Tammbra Lynn Timko
Rachel H. Timmerman
Suzanne Timpson
Rene Tinajero (29)
Dwayne Todd Tindell
Jim W. Tinkle, Sr. (44)
Michael Lee Tipton
Steven Lee Tipton
Lisbeth M. Tischer (24)
La’Crecia B. Tisdale
Sherri Tobias (30)
James Kilduff Tobin
Nan E. Toder
Gwen Toepfert
Sara Dawn Tolin
Keith Anthony Tollett
Duan Toms (16)
Christopher Tondee
Richard Steven Tonnies
Norman G. Toppel, Jr.
Paul Toppin (25)
Oliver James Toppins
John Anthony Torres (27)
Jonnny Soto (Rico) Torres
Cathy Torres (20)
Robert Torres (34)
Elizabeth Anne Tortolini
Frederic Gilbert Touney III
Frank Sean Tousignaut
George "Paz" Tovar
Bridget Townsend
Daron Townsend
Edward L. Townsend
Eleanor 'Ellie' M. Townsend
Jaron S. Townsend
Maurice Townsend (27)
Tessa Cristina Tranchant (16)
Rita Trangredi Beinlich
Walter E. Traskos III
Daniel Eric Trautman
Linsey Travis, Jr.
Liliana Trevino (7 weeks)
Keith A. Treppa
Christopher John Trevizo
Lisa Renee Triggs
Kimberly Rose Trigo
David Trillo (31)
Jessica Ariana Trimmer (28)
Jonathan Tripp (17)
Roger Troutman (47)
Robert Michael Truelove
Anthony W. Trujillo
Gabriel F. Trujillo Jr.
Heidy (Wagner) Truman
Cameron James Ray Trute 
Julien Alexander Truttling
Brandon S. Tucker
James E. Tucker III
Khalil Derrick Tucker
Moses D. Tucker (18)
Steven Walter Tuomi
Tamika S. Turks
Jimmy Turley, Jr. (25)
Alphonso Turner
Derrick Deshawn Turner (22)
Flossie Turner
Gregory Douglas Turner (23)
Robert Laverne Turner (21)
Steven J. Turner
Timothy Lee Turner
Zelpha L. Turner (77)
Michael Robert Turpin
Susan Lynn Turpin
Joseph D. Tusan
Angela Michelle Tuttle
William Britton Twitty (23)
Linda Murphy Twyman
Howard Tyler
John Brennan Tyler
Marcia Ann Tyman
Kara Marie Tyminski
Derrick Tyson
Lisa Montgomery Tyson
Keith Lloyd Tyson

Perla Mar Udasco (27)
Douglas H. Ueckert
Beth Renee’ Umolac-Agela (19)
Michael A. Unterweiser
Delmer Unum
Helen Unum
Anthony D. Upchurch
Henry Ure
Joyce Ure
Lilia Coridad Urquiola
George Antonio Uvalle (20)
Lisa K. Uzzle (53)

Kenneth Dean Valdez
Manuel H. Valdez
Steven G. Valdivia (27)
Ruben Castro Valencia (21)
Wesley Peter Valentine
Justin Kane Valenzano (21)
Charles G. 'Chuck' Valle
Thomas H. Valley, Jr.
Frank Value
Billy J. Vance
Eric Dale Vance
Phillip Lee Van Cleave
Stephan Brian Vancott
Ryan Michael Vanderson
Robert ‘Buddy’ Vandervort (21)
Michael VanDyke (22)
Darla Jean Vanetten
Eric VanHoene (47)
Miles Kevin Van Horn
Robert Van Huss (22)
Randy Van Lue
Dawn Marie Van Meter
Richard T. Van Ness, Jr.
Susan Lyn Van’Orden
Lloyd Cullen Vanover
Edward VanPatten (17)
William 'Bug' Terence Van Pelt
Jayne Ellen Van Wey
Francine Alicia Vargas
Jon Wesley Varner
C. Michael Varrientos (19)
Jessica Moreno Vasquez
Juan Julian Vasquez (45)
Pauline Tipton Vasquez (20)
Ruben Frank Vasquez
Rudy Anthony Vasquez (41)
Luis H. Vasquez, Jr.
Thomas Leon Vasquez (18)
Connie Sue Vaughn (37)
Ina Villarreal Vaughn (21)
Jimmy Lee Vaughn, Sr.
Khalief Vaughn
Nikki Mashell Vaughn
Phillip Vaughn
Shelley Renee Vaughn
Stella May Vaughn
Tyrone Vaughn
Chrissy Veal
Linda L. Veber (22)
Mark Anthony Vega
Renee Clocksin Vega
Roland De La Vega
Rudy Vega (6)
Arturo J. Velazquez (20)
Currie Hill-Velie (35), her unborn son &
Jack Jasper Velie
Joseph John Velie IV (2)
Linda Jill Velzy (18)
Anthony Joseph Venditti
Lorca Alexander Venetos (24)
Abel Vera
Jason Steele VerDow
Susan L. Verstegen
Diane Verutes
Jonathan Michael Vetrano
Starlet Rachele Viator (14)
Michael Scott Vickers
Laura Lee 'Clay' Vickery
George A. Victor
Jessica Lynn Viduya (28)
Tori Marie Vienneau (22)
George 'Angel' Viera, Jr.
Aaron Anthony Vigil (25)
Louis Villagran
Eddie Jr. Villalobos
Jeffrey A. Villalobos
Raymond Anthony Villalobos (21)
Jessica Jackie Villanueva
Ashley Villarreal
Rhonda Vincent
Tyler Vinney (23)
Karin Leigh Vinnik
Michelle Vinson
Richard Joseph Vitale
Keith Allen Vith
David Alan Viviano
Valantina Allison Voight (20)
Scott Allen Vollmer
Mandy Volz (26)
Joseph Nicholas Vomvolakis
David Von Hagen
Cody Roberts Von Haven (4)
Courtney Nicole Von Haven (2)
Ericha Lynn Von Hoken
Kellie Von Urquidy-Parry
Derek VonWinkle
David Joseph Voshall
David I. Vostatek
Julie Ann Voyles (31)

Jimmy Lynn Wade (16)
Derby Wagner-Richardson
Joseph John Wagner
Martrel Jabor Wagner
Michelle Lisa Wagner
Mike Wakefield
Rhonda Jean Wakefield
Bryce Waldman
Dwayne Lee Walers (24)
Albert Earl Walker, Jr.
Antoine H.G. Walker
Bobby Eugene Walker
Carlene Walker
Gregory L. Walker
Marc Francois Walker
Mary 'Cheyenne' Walker
Pamela Lynn ‘Pam’ Walker (20)
Sarah Anne Walker
Tyquell Walker
Valerie M. Walker
Wayne L. Walker
Robert 'Bobby' Wall, Jr.
Autumn Carol Wallace
Carolen Marie Wallace
Susan Wallace
Tonya Marie Wallace (20)
Jamie Marie Walling (21)
Nancy Walsh (64)
Thomas A. Walsh, Jr.
Thomas G. Walsh
Keith Demon Walston
Christopher C. Walter(30)
Jeffrey Robert Walter
Robert Walter
Dwayne Lee Walters
John A. Walters, Jr.
Ethan JD Walton (19)
John Christopher Walton (25)
Jenny Rebecca Waltz (16)
Leah Michelle Wara (17)
Heather Warburton (17)
Kristi LaRee Ward
Patrick Ward (40)
Robert S. Ward
Robert Joseph Ward (28)
Shane Ward
Terry Ward
Mandy Lynn Wardrop
James Warfel (22)
Brenda J. Warner
Damin Terrell Warner (24)
David Neil Warner (11)
Liza Ellen Warner (29)
Arthur ‘Jr’ Warren, Jr. (26)
'Trooper' Carlos R. Warren
Kylie Warren (26)
Kimberly Kay Warren (40)
Michelle M. 'Shelly' Warren
Derek L. Washington (39)
Rahnold Sims Washington II
Robert R. 'Bobby W' Wasikowski
Dean C. Wasmundt
Quixote L. Waters (17)
Tres Jackson Waters
Barbara J. Watkins
Brian S. Watkins (22)
Marcus Larry Watkins
Travis Gene Watkins
Carolynn Beth Watson
Danny L. Watson, Jr. (30)
Dottie Watson
Rommel Watson (22)
Curtis Lee Christopher Watton (24)
Keanan Watts (15)
Leonard M. Watts (32)
Spencer Kenji Watts (20)
Angela Dawn Waugh
Brian Keith Waugh
Christopher Justin Wawrin
Ashley Dawn Wax
Anthony Way-Clemons, Jr.
David Way
Angie Wayland
Christopher Allen Wayman
Jerry Lee Wayman
Shannon Weatherly
Thomas A. Weathersby, Jr.
Lisa Marie Weaver (22)
Tina A. Weaver
Chuck A. Webb
James E. Webb (31)
Shanna Lynn Webb (19)
James Webb (31)
Nancy K. Weber
Brian Webster
Joan Lucinda Webster
Shelley Lynn Webster (22)
Andre Weeks (25)
Shane Weeks
Dale M. Wegener
Mark Edward Weibel
Wendy Weiker-Gordon (31)
Sara Weir (14)
Renee Danielle 'Queenie' Welka
Clyde Lee Wells, Jr.
Darnell Wells
David Wells
James L. Wells
Joseph Douglas Wells (19 Mo)
Kevin John Wells
Kimberly S. M. Wells (18)
Martin Welty
Frank James Wendeborn (32)
Roderick Kynard Wenze
Timothy Allen Wenzler
James Werbe
Christopher Wesby (22)
Tawnya E. Wesley-Barnes
Theresa Wesolowski (22)
Dennise West (27)
P.O. John E. West
Maurice Lamar West
Steven Edward West (21)
Tom 'Tommy' J. West
Vicki Westerfield
Michael David Westerman
Christopher Ingram Westfall
Jeffrey Michael Wetterman
Bridget A. Wetzl (10)
Edward L. Whaley, Jr.
Desiree Autumn Wheatley
Kevin Mitchel 'Kev' Wheel
Janice Elaine Wheeler
Sammy E. Wheeler
Jasmine Whipple (21)
Grant Jackson Whitaker (33)
James Alfred Whitaker, Jr.
James Christopher Whitaker
Paul Whitcher (22)
Richard ‘Rick’ Whitcomb, Jr. (23)
Alvin Louis White
Dylan Michael White
Rachel Grace White (22)
Raymond E. White, Jr. &
Raymond E. White IV
Theodore White
Keith Anthony Whitehead
Wayne Whitehead
Deputy Joseph Tim Whitehead, Jr.
Nikki Whitley (22)
Philip Vernon Whitmarsh (31)
Jockla Faye Whitmore (21)
Nina Whitney
Marsha Prestero Whitney
Alveda Jean Whittington
Lorelei Marie Wickers
Jennifer Marie Wicks
John T. Widmann (42)
Ruth Widmer (83)
Tara Rose Widmyer (25)
Barbara Anne Wielgus (20)
Brandon Cody Wiener
Travis J. Wiggin
Richie Wiggins (18)
Tara Rose Wilbourne (25)
James William Wilcox, Jr.
Robert W. Wilcox
Ronald Edward Wilcox
Rashanda Wilder
Jeremy Wildermuth
Dawn Lopez Wiles
Timothy David Wiles
Beckie Creek-Wiley, Jessie Wiley, &
Tyrone Wiley
Twila Jane Wiley
William Wilhoit
Todd Wilken
Albert James Wilkerson
Brad Wilkerson (27)
Coy Ray Wilkerson
DeLancey Bernard Wilkes
Edwin Gray Wilkins, Jr.
Summer Laci Wilkinson (15)
Aimee Willard (22)
Elizabeth Ann Willding
Brenda Kay Wille
Stacy Ann Willetts
Alfonso De’Andre Williams
Angelique Williams (29)
Arnold Williams (19)
Arnulfo V. Williams, Jr.
Billie E. Williams
Brandi Cherl Williams
Brenda ‘Sissy’ Bennet Williams (15)
Carl McKenzie Williams
Chaunise Williams (21)
Christopher Sean Williams
Cynthia Lynn Williams (35)
Damien R.S. Williams (23)
Debbie Faye Williams
Dejuan Williams (18)
Demarco D. Williams
Derek Scott Williams
Devon Michael Williams (7)
Earl B. Williams, Jr.
Frank Williams (64)
Gregory Mathew Williams
Ian Harold Williams (3)
Ian J. Williams
Jamar 'Zeus' Williams
Julianne Marie Williams (24)
Kevin Williams
Laura M. Williams (23)
Marvin Williams, Jr.
Miguel Joseph Williams
Myles Williams (29)
Neal Alastair Williams (27)
Ronnie C. Williams
Sean Ross Williams
Stephen Craig Williams, Jr.
Stephen Dwight Williams (24)
Sterling C. Williams
Terry Lee Williams
Thomas St. Clair Williams (15)
Tina Marie Williams
Travesta N. Williams
Tre Allen Williams (21 Mo)
Wayne 'Buddy' Williams, Jr.
Aaron Williamson (20 Mo)
Anthony Todd Williamson
Lora Beth Williamson
Melanie Lorraine McFadden Willis,
Stanley Edward McFadden Willis,
& Stuart Richard McFadden Willis
Richard Willis
Ronald Worth Willis
Heather Willms (21)
Barbara Jean Wilson (22)
Daniel Marvin Wilson
Edward ‘Chip’ Wilson IV (27)
Henry Wilson
Jason Eric Wilson (21)
Loretta Wilson
Marcus Ray Wilson
Matthew Ian Wilson
Michael Steven Wilson
Ralph Wilson
Shannon Arthur Wilson
Tamara “Tami” Elaine Wilson
Valeria Lynn Wilson (3)
Wm. Chris Wilson
Kenneth Andrew Wilus
Dale Ray Wilt
Tom Winans
Kevin Ray Winborn
Chuck Wingel (31)
Ryan M. Winn (16)
Traci Ann Winship
Vicki Pendleton Winslow
James R. Winston
Renald Winston
Tyler Patrick Winzen
Joyce Thomas Wireman
Wm. ‘Billy’ B. Wireman (18)
Joie Lynne Wisdom
Beverly Marsh Wise
Michael Wise (48)
Robie Kathlene Wiser
Joseph Frankie Wisher
Sarah Jeanne Wisnosky
Alisa Joy Withers (15)
Dan Withrow
Caroline E. Witt
Denielle Renee Witt (23)
Suzanne Timpson Wittenbach (33)
Edward Thomas Wittkopp
Marlys Ann Wohlenhaus (18)
Dana Lee Wolf
Christie Wolfe (12)
Joshua James Wolfe (18)
Aaron Phillip Wolff
Marlyn E. Wollett (27)
Sara E. Wollett (15)
Rudy Samuel Wolmart
Daniel Womack (22)
Irving Womack
Clarence Wondra
Harry Wondra
Angela Wong
Donald Reuben Wood, Jr.
Jeffery D. Wood (24)
Norman K. Wood
Steven J. Wood
Tami Suzzett Wood
William Kelly Woodall (32)
Joel Woodard
Roarke Wooding (10)
Ronald Woodley
Lewis Woodruff
Thomas 'Phillip' Woodrum, Jr.
Joshua Allan Woods (19)
Brandon Woods
Jamie Myronna Woods
Kevin Woods
Levertus Woods, Jr.
Tricia Louise Woods
Troy B. Woods
Reginald D. Woodson
Dorothy H. Woodworth
Regina Woody
Aric Brandon Wooley
Yvonne Workman Bincer (27)
Arthur C. Works
Kolin Wormsky (21)
Amy Jo Worth
Danny Allen Wortham
Susan K. Worthan
Daniel R. Worthington
Gavin Wrather
Dhati Cavill Wren (20)
Levi Joseph Wren
Arthur Lee Wright 'Tank', Jr.
Blasé Allen Wright, Jr.
Jason Cody Wright (26)
Kyle Lamar Wright (8) & Elizabeth
Rose Wright (19)
Keith Wright, Jr.
Michele Ann Wright-Baker (25)
Rahsaan Wright (18)
Spring Melissa Wright (19)
William L. Wright
Pamela Ann Wroblewski-Lelinski (25)
Sheldon J. Wrubel
Trina Lorraine Wuestenberg
Rhonda S. Wum (25)
Austin Lee Wurth
Cynthia Kay Wyer
Gayla Wyler (21)
Dale Wylie (32)
Jack Stewart Wyman

Michelle M. Xavier
Dax Xenos (32)

Rene Yacinthe
David Frederick Yacovetta (47)
Frank H. Yakovich II
Dale Wayne Yanda-LeGrand
Suemanear Yang
Ann Yao
Robi J. Yaramata
Dwight Yarbrough (28)
Jason Yates
Walter Perry Yazel
Frank Stephen Yazum (40)
Ceferino J. M. Ybarra, Jr.
Cassandra Yeager (30)
Christy Denise Yeager
Timothy B. Yeager
Jennifer Yee
Dr. Larry Brett Yellin
Nancy Sara Yellin
Nathan Wesley Yellin
Robin Moore Yellin
Bruce O. Yoder
Maxine J. Yosten (51)
Gina Raquel Younce
Bennett Adam Young
Craig Carrol Young
Francia Cletis Young
Joshua Allen Young (8)
Karen M. Young
Mark Young
Martha Bess Young
Michael Edward Young (27)
Raymond George Young
Robert Young
Roger Kelvin Young, Jr.
Shawn DeWayne Young
Vanessa Lynn Young (31)
Fredick A. Youngberg IV
Joseph Clinton Younger
Gary Andrew Youngman
Fiona Yu

Jeffrey K. Zack
Clarence Zachery
Joseph Thomas Zajac
Elizabeth A. Zalas (45)
Willie Zamora
Arthur Zampino, Jr.
Christina Leah Zane
Susan Carmel Zanta
Laura Ann Zappulla
Johnte Zaptin (1)
Marvin Zaretsky (49)
Sharon Kay Zellers
Charles E. Zennie III (29)
Brian Zernell (35)
Leslie French Zickefoose IV (25)
Colin Brendan Zieler
Sean Donovan Zimmer (19)
Carmen Denis Zink
Lauren Nicole Zinsavage (15)
Nazih 'Joe' Zoma
Mark D. Zulcosky
Patrick A. Zummo (55)
Rene Zurita (22)
Frank J. Zwolenik

For those victims that are never identified, and for their loved ones who will never know.

* If you would like to have your loved one's name listed on the DOR 2018 list
please send an email @

National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.